Certificate Degrees and Continuing Education

  • International Master's Degree in Operation and Maintenance of Water Treatment Plants

    General Information

    Teaching Languages: Spanish

    Places: 30. Minimum number of students required: 20

    Duration: 1 year (60 ECTS Credits)

    Tuition Fee: €12000

    Access Requirements: This Master's Degree is only available for the following students:

    • Bachelor's Degree in: Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Environmental Sciences.
    • Chemical Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Roads, Chanenls and Ports Engineer, Technical Engineer of Public Works, Mining Engineer.
    • Grado en: Química, Biología, Geología, Biotecnología, Ingeniería Química, Ingeniería Civil, Ingeniería Electrónica Industrial y Automática, Ingeniería Mecánica, Ingeniería Química Industrial, Ingeniería de Tecnologías Mineras.

    Only period for pre-registration and enrollment

    • Pre-registration: until November 10
    • Definitive Lists: November 17
    • Enrollment: From November 17 to December 1

    Modality: Attendance Required


    • Theoretical classes: January - April. Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 14:00.
    • External internships: May - June. Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 15:00.

    Teaching Center: Classroom of the Official College of Chemists of Asturias and León

    Professional Opportunities

    The objectives of this Master's Degree are that students acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge required to perform as a:

    • Director of a water treatment plant.

    Aimed at professionals who conduct their activity in Spain or Mexico, with competences related to the management of water treatment. Professionals who conduct their activity in Spain or Mexico, with industrial activities related to the management of water. Spanish or Mexican specialists who need to complete their knowledge and skills. University graduates from Spain and Mexico who are interested in reinforcing their knowledge and search for a professional outlet.

    The proposed Certificate Degree aims at improving the employability and knowledge of people who want to develop their professional careers in the area of Operation and Maintenance of Water Treatment Plants. Therefore, it has a theoretical-practical approach that is applied to the reality that the professional will find every day while managing a water treatment plant.

    The proposed International Master's Degree in Operation and Maintenance of Water Treatment Plants has a clearly-defined professional orientation. Without losing sight of the main objective of employability, it takes into account a set of functions and attributes that a Director of a Plant should have to comprise all the fields of knowledge that will be explored during the Master's Degree.

    The current proposal of Master's Degree is invaluable to provide our students with the advanced formation in the field of Water technologies. Taking into account that the main objective of this course is employability, this Master's Degree is not open exclusively to those people who may wish to start developing their professional activity int he world of Water Management, but also to every professional who is already working in the field of Water and may want to expand their knowledge.

    This course aims at providing a general vision of the different aspects that affect the Management of Water, from its scientific-technical knowledge to the applications and technologies that are currently available for its optimal management.

    The Degree aims at providing active professionals, or those whose professional activities are geared towards Water Management, with the knowledge and tools that facilitate making decisions in actions in this field.


    The International Master's Degree in Operation and Maintenance of Water Treatment Plants has a duration of 1 year, organized in one semester with a total of 60 ECTS Credits. The specific subjects offered are:/p>



    1. Water chemistry (0,5 ECTS)
    2. Statistics applied to chemical analysis (0,5 ECTS)
    3. Hydraulics I(0, 5 ECTS)
    4. Hydraulics II: Bombs and pumping stations (0, 5 ECTS)
    5. Applied electrical technology (0,5 ECTS)
    6. Problems of water resources: Situation in Spain (0,5 ECTS)
    7. Health and epidemic aspects of Water (0,5 ECTS)



    1. Health criteria of quality of water for human consumption (0,5 ECTS)
    2. Conventional treatment systems I (0,5 ECTS)
    3. Conventional treatment systems II (0,5 ECTS)
    4. Case example: Provisioning to the city of Mexico DF (0,5 ECTS)
    5. Desalting I (0,5 ECTS)
    6. Inverse Osmosis Membranes and Ultrafiltration (0,5 ECTS)
    7. Desalting III: Concrete example of a plant in OR. (0,5 ECTS)



    1. Characteristics of Residual Waters I (0,5 ECTS)
    2. Characteristics of Residual Waters II (0,5 ECTS)
    3. Bases of Biological Processes I (0,5 ECTS)
    4. Bases of Biological Processes II (0,5 ECTS)
    5. Treatment Scheme of a RWTP (0,5 ECTS)
    6. Treatment Scheme of a RWTP: Biological Processes of Treatment I: Disposal of Carbon. (0,5 ECTS)
    7. Project Management (0,5 ECTS)
    8. Experiences of the Institute of Water of Aragón in the management of the operation of their RWTPs (0,5 ECTS)
    9. Treatment Scheme of a RWTP: Biological Processes of Treatment IV: Disposal of nutrients (0,5 ECTS)
    10. Treatment Scheme of a RWTP: Innovative Technologies in the Depuration of residual waters: MBBR, MBR, SBR, Biofiltering (0,5 ECTS)
    11. Regeneration and Reusage of Water (0,5 ECTS)
    12. Treatment Scheme of a RWTP: Production and Characterization of biosolids (0,5 ECTS)
    13. Treatment Scheme of a RWTP: Treatment of biosolids I: Thermal Drying (0,5 ECTS)
    14. Treatment Scheme of a RWTP: Treatment of biosolids II (0,5 ECTS)
    15. Treatment Scheme of a RWTP: Treatment of biosolids III (0,5 ECTS)
    16. Treatment Scheme of a RWTP: Treatment of biosolids IV (0,5 ECTS)
    17. Management of Biosolids in the Council of Waters of Bilbao Bizkaia: Incineration of Biosolids (0,5 ECTS)
    18. New technologies to rehabilitate the filtering networks (0,5 ECTS)



    1. Regulations for waste disposal in the EU (0,5 ECTS)
    2. International projects (0,5 ECTS)
    3. Water concessions (0,5 ECTS)
    4. Case example: ATV Regulations (0,5 ECTS)
    5. Case example: UCT Method (0,5 ECTS)
    6. Research lines and development of water technologies. UNAM (0,5 ECTS)



    1. Physical-chemical analysis of waters, characterization of mud and biogas (0,5 ECTS)
    2. ETAP Analytical control (0,5 ECTS)
    3. Management of laboratories (0,5 ECTS)



    1. Experiencias del Esamur en la gestión de la operación de sus EDARs (0,5 ECTS)
    2. Economic control and management of the contract I. Budget for a RWTP (0,5 ECTS)
    3. Economic control and management of the contract I. Budget for a RWTP (0,5 ECTS)
    4. Maintenance and Conservation I: Aspects to be taken into account in Maintenance and Conservation. Maintenance programs (0,5 ECTS)
    5. Experiences of the ACA in the management of the operation of its RWTP (0,5 ECTS)
    6. Management of drinkable water, drainage and filtering by Conagua (0,5 ECTS)
    7. Advanced automatic control of the RWTPs (0,5 ECTS)
    8. Instrumentation of the Plant (0,5 ECTS)
    9. Selection of efficient teams in the processing of filtering of residual waters (0,5 ECTS)
    10. Energetic efficiency in blowers (0,5 ECTS)
    11. Malfunctioning of a RWTP: Control of the exploitation (0,5 ECTS)
    12. Odor control (0,5 ECTS)
    13. Bioindication I (0,5 ECTS)
    14. Bioindication II: Filamentosa bacteriae. (0,5 ECTS)
    15. Respirometries (0,5 ECTS)
    16. Prevention and Risk control in water purifying stations (0,5 ECTS)
    17. Tools for mathematical modeling and Simulation to optimize the design and operation of a RWTP (0,5 ECTS)
    18. Reactives in the treatment of waters (0,5 ECTS)
    19. Minimization of the energetic footprint in the treatment of residual waters (0,5 ECTS)
    20. Transference of oxygen in systems of biological treatment of residual waters (0,5 ECTS)
    21. Pre-treatments to favor anaerobic digestion (0,5 ECTS)
    22. Co-Digestion (0,5 ECTS)
    23. State Law of Contracts: Spain (0,5 ECTS)
    24. Laws of Water (0,5 ECTS)
    25. Management and treatment of residual waters in Cantabria. Sustainable developement - Vision of future (0,5 ECTS)
    26. Electrical system in Spain (0,5 ECTS)
    27. Social management of Water(0,5 ECTS)
    28. Development and Sustainability: The field of Water (0,5 ECTS)



    1. Management of R&D&i projects (0,5 ECTS)
    2. Management of R&D&i projects. Case applied to Co-Digestion. Experience of the enterprise Cadagua in the operation of their plants. (0,5 ECTS)
    3. Treatment and reusage of water. (0,5 ECTS)




    • Secretaria Técnica del Colegio Oficial de Químicos de Asturias y León: María Jesús Rodríguez González

      Telephone: 985 234 742

      E-mail: secretariatecnica@telecable.es

    Coordination :

    • Director: Miguel Ferrero Fuertes Presidente de la Asociación de Químicos del Principado de Asturias Vicedecano 1º del Colegio Oficial de Químicos de Asturias y León, Director del Instituto Universitario de Biotecnología de Asturias, y Profesor titular de Química Orgánica

    • Co-Director: Julio Antonio Pérez Álvarez Gerente Departamento O&M Zona II ACCIONA Agua S.A. Director Técnico del Grupo de Tecnología del Agua del Colegio Oficial de Químicos de Asturias y León.

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