• The Rectors of Spanish universities regret the death of Emilio Botín

    September 10, 2014

    The CRUE praises the commitment of the president of the Santander Bank with the university, shown in initiatives as Universia and the different scholarship programs

    The Conference of Rectors of the Spanish Universities (CRUE) has published a statement to express, in the name of all the Rectors, their deepest regret for the death of the President of the Santander Bank, Mr. Emilio Botín. The Rector of the University of Oviedo, Vicente Gotor, has joined the condolences of the Spanish university community and has praisedespcially the sponsorship promoted by Emilio Botín and his support to the Campus of International Excellence of the Asturian academic institution, confirmed during past June with an agreement signed by the President of the Santander Bank.

    The statement of the CRUE is reproduced in its entirety:

    President Botín always showed himself faithful to his commitment to the University and the CRUE, transforming it into uncountable gestures and actions, including the creation, in 2000, of Universia, the most important Network of universities of Latin America and Spain, focused on the fields of education and knowledge, and which has organized different International Meetings of Rectors. The one that took place last July in Rio de Janeiro was the last big university event in which Mr. Emilio Botín participated, and which managed to gather 1103 Rectors from 33 countries, and finished with an institutional commitment by the present universities that translated into the Rio 2014 University Charter, backed by the President of the Santander Bank himself and the General Secretariat for Latina America and Spain.

    Moreover, the President promoted the creation of scholarship programs, including the Santander Bank mobility, through the Santander University Division, which has led to the establishment of collaboration links between universities of Latina America and Spain that would have been highly unlikely without its collaboration. Numerous universities have told us that for the vast majority of the students who have held this scholarship, this experience has not onlybeen very positive, but it has become the single most important experience of their lives.

    Mr. Emilio Botín also promoted the creation of the program of Scholarships Santander-CRUE-CEPYME, born during the 2008-2009 academic year, and which has offered more than 12,500 university students the chance to go on paid professional internships in any of the participating small and medium enterprises, and, therefore, facilitate their entrance into the job market with a success rate of more than 41%. This is one of the most importante scholarship programs in our country today.

    Apart from these scholarships, the President also created the Santander Formula Program, which unites mobility with excellence and sports. These programs were accompanied by the Latin America and Spain Scholarships for Young Teachers and Researchers, started in 2011-2012, and the individual programs that each university is developing in agreement with Santander Universidades. Today, there are very few students, teachers or researchers that ignore or do not value positively the effort of the Santander Bank for the internationalization of the University, especially in Latin America.

    We reiterate our condolences for these sad news and we again praise the invaluable collaboration of Mr. Emilio Botín with the Spanish University System. Thanks to his actions and his promotion of the University, "the President", as we will always remember him, had, has had and will always have a deep impact in the higher education of our country.