• The members of the new Rector´s team of the University of Oviedo take office

    May 23, 2016

    The Rector, Santiago García Granda, has advocated for a "dynamic, sensible and prudent" change at the University and said he expected the new elected government to "boost public universities"

    From left to right, Lorenzo Almanza,  Xabiel García Pañeda, Marta María Hernando Álvarez, Francisco José Borge López, Santiago García Granda, Eva María Cordero González, Elisa Miguélez González, Eugenia Suárez Serrano, Juan José del Coz y José Ramón Obeso.

    The members of the new rectoral team working with Santiago García Granda have taken office today in a ceremony held in the LAUDEO Hall, in the Historical Building of the University of Oviedo. The rector, who has supported the 6 vice-rectors, the general secretary, the officer for University Coordination and Strategy and the manager, has expressed his gratitude to all of them for joining this project. Santiago García Granda has asked them to make "all possible efforts" and to "leave aside any personal ambitions" in the interest of the academic institution.

    The Rector has announced his willingness to undertake a "dynamic, sensible and prudent" change in the University and has stated that this change will be implemented in a "gentle" way, so it does not affect students, administration and services staff and teaching and research staff.

    In the ceremony, Santiago García Granda has detailed "many uncertainties and challenges" that the University has to face. Specifically, he mentioned the political uncertainty, with an interim government and a very close electoral process. "Let´s hope–he said—the upcoming elections lead to a new government that boosts public universities". The second issue leading to uncertainty, according to the Rector, is related to the economic recovery and its application to the program on human, academic, research and transfer resources of universities. "It is our priority to facilitate research activity and generational replacement through the Severo Ochoa and Clarín grants", he stated.

    The Rector of the University of Oviedo has also mentioned the meetings he has had with his colleagues from other universities. He has highlighted the Rectors´ "Deep concern" about the future of the University Entrance Exam for 2017 and 2018. He has also shown his support to facilitating access to grants lowering the passing grade from 5,5 to 5.

    The most important representative of the Asturian academic institution has also shown his willingness to offer more flexible degrees with new itineraries in order to improve access to labor market, always relying on the students' participation.

    The team

    The members of the Rector´s team have taken office, and also signed the official event supported by several members of the university community who have attended the ceremony, the outgoing team among others.

    The new general secretary, Eva María Cordero González, has been the person in charge of calling one by one the members of the team for the takeover. Eva María Cordero is Full Professor of Financial and Tax Law. She was a researcher at the Max Planck Institute of Tax Law at the Ludwig Maximilians University (Munich) and also at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver). She has also been a visiting professor at the University Heidelberg (Germany).

    Juan José del Coz is the Vice-Rector for Academic Planning. Full Professor of Construction Engineering and holder of an Industrial PhD (1994) from the University of Oviedo, he developed a fruitful professional career in the private firm INGEMAS S.A. from 1982 to1991. Nowadays he is deputy director of Master Programs in the EPI in Gijón.

    José Ramón Obeso is the new Vice-Rector for Research. Full Professor of Ecology since 2006, he leads the Mixed Unit for Research in Biodiversity (UMIB) and the research group in Evolutionary Ecology and Conservation which has developed numerous research projects.

    Francisco José Borge López assumes the position of Vice-Rector for University Extension and International Projection. He is Full Professor of English Philology and holds a PhD awarded by the University of Oviedo and the University of Massachusetts (EEUU). In March 2015, he was appointed as the director of the Department of English, French and German Philology.

    Elisa Miguélez González is the new Vice—Rector for Students. Full Professor of the field of Microbiology and PhD in Biological Sciences awarded by the University of Oviedo (1989), she is part of the research group BIONUC (Biotecnología en Nutracéuticos y Compuestos Bioactivos).

    The Vice-Rector for Material and Technological Resources will be Marta María Hernando Álvarez. Full Professor of Electronics Technology and PhD in Industrial Engineering by the University of Oviedo. Hernando Álvarez belongs to the research group in Food Electronic Systems (SEA).

    Eugenia Suárez Serrano is the new Vice-Rector for Transversal Action and Cooperation with Firms. She is Full Professor of Business Management and Administration and researcher in the Touristic Information System of Asturias (SITA). She holds a PhD in Business Administration (University of Oviedo, 1998) and a Master's Degree in European Studies (University of Reading, 1993).

    Furthermore, the new Rector´s team includes Xabiel García Pañeda, as the Officer for University Coordination and Strategy. Full Professor of Telematics Engineering of the University of Oviedo. He holds a PhD in Communication, Network and Content Management issued by the UNED.

    Lorenzo Almanza Ballesteros is the new manager. He has a Degree in Law from the University of Oviedo, he is a technical officer in Administration. He started working for Zaragoza City Hall in 1984, where he performed several duties in the area of Personnel. In September of the same year he joined the Principality of Asturias undertaking different duties.

    When closing the ceremony, the Rector insisted on the fact that the University has a lot to offer and also a lot to be improved. "We are starting a new period, with new expectations, and we are all play a necessary role to achieve our goals", he stated.

    Front pictureFrom left to right, Lorenzo Almanza (gerente), Xabiel García Pañeda (Delegado de Coordinación y Estrategia Universitaria), Marta María Hernando Álvarez (Vicerrectora de Recursos Materiales y Tecnológicos), Eva María Cordero González (Secretaria General), Juan José del Coz (Vicerrector de Organización Académica), Santiago García Granda (Rector), José Borge López (Vicerrector de Extensión Universitaria y Proyección Internacional) , , Eugenia Suárez Serrano (Vicerrectora de Acción Transversal y Cooperación con la Empresa), Elisa Miguélez González (Vicerrectora de Estudiantes) y José Ramón Obeso (Vicerrector de Investigación).