• Students taking the University Entrance Exam (PAU) may check their assigned venue and classroom thanks to an online application

    May 27, 2015

    The University of Oviedo offers a new application to make access to the exams easier for students

    Alumnos antes de comenzar el primer examen de la PAU.
    Students taking the University Entrance Exam (PAU) may check now the venue and classroom assigned to take the exam. It is a new service, offered by the Vice-Chancellor for Students in collaboration with the Vice-Chancellor for Campus, Computing and Infrastructures which will allow students who are taking the PAU exam in June and July, to find information about the place and classroom they have been assigned, before taking the exam. Students will only have to enter the username and password they were given when they registered.
    Offering this new service, the University of Oviedo aims to make it easier for students to access the different places to take the PAU 2015 exam, which will start on June 2 this year. Last year, almost 4.000 students took the PAU exam in June at the University of Oviedo.