• Students of the University of Oviedo may obtain the Cambridge English Language Assessment Certificates

    March 26, 2015

    Both institutions have signed an agreement which allows the Asturian University to be the venue for the official Cambridge English examinations corresponding to the most demanded levels, which go from B1 to C2

    The University of Oviedo and Cambridge English Language Assessment, department of English evaluation of the University of Cambridge, have signed an agreement by which the Asturian institution joins the network of University Collaborating Centers of Cambridge English Language Assessment. In accordance with this agreement, the certificates awarded by Cambridge English are recognized as valid in order to prove the students' level of English and the University of Oviedo will be the venue for the exams leading to the award of those certificates. For its part, the Expert English Training Centre, as an official Examination Center of Cambridge English Language Assessment, will provide the exams and also specific training to pass them. 
    The certificates of the University of Cambridge that will be available at the University of Oviedo are: Cambridge English: Preliminary, First, Advanced, Proficiency, and Teaching Knowledge Test (aimed at evaluating the skills of English teachers), amongst others, depending on the needs of the University. Furthermore, these exams are open to society in general, whether they are students of the University of Oviedo or not. 
    These exams cover the most demanded levels in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: from B1 to C2. This way, the University strengthens its commitment to the future academic training and employment of its students, as these certificates of the University of Cambridge are accepted as valid proof of English level by more than 15.000 institutions worldwide, including Universities, companies and official bodies. 
    By virtue of this agreement, both institutions establish a new collaboration framework aimed at the assessment and evaluation of the level of English of the students of the University of Oviedo, and it is also available for the faculty. This way, the University becomes a "University Collaborating Center" of Cambridge English Language Assessment, aiming to establish strong links between the Department of the University of Cambridge and other university institutions, as a way to achieve mutual enrichment.
    The agreement has been signed by Vicente Gotor, rector of the University of Oviedo; by Robin Gravina, Head of Development of Cambridge English Language Assessment for Spain and Portugal, on behalf of Saul Nassé, executive director of the institution.