• The 14th Science Week of the University of Oviedo reaches more than 11,000 students throughout Asturias

    November 10, 2014

    More than one hundred teachers of the Asturian academic institution will collaborate with the dissemination activities programmed in the campuses and institutes of the region

    Participants of one of the workshops that took place this morning at the Severo Ochoa research building.

    More than 11,000 Asturian school students will participate in the 97 activities programed as part of the 14 Science and Technology Week of the University of Oviedo, starting today, November 10, and will extend itself until next Friday. More than one hundred teachers from the academic institution will participate in the activities that will take place in all the university campuses and the secondary education centers of the region.

    The program of the Science Week, financed by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT), deals with differen areas of knowledge so that students may appreciate how research is performed in different fields. Ranging from psychology to microbiology, including mathematics, geology or telecommunication engineering, the workshops, conferences and activities will allow students to get in touch with the world of research from the inside.

    The Unit of Scientific Culture of the University of Oviedo, sponsored by the Office of the Vice-Rector for Research and Campus of International Excellence, has desinged a cross-curricular program to disseminate the work of researchers and to bring their findings closer to young students in a practical and pleasing way. The activities of Exciting Science include 38 different itineraries. The workshops programed as part of the activity Teaching Science will offer the more practical aspects of the program with the chance for the participants to see and experience the direct work of scientists.

    There will also be A Door towards Science with the celebration of an open-doors day that will let secondary education and Baccalaureate students visit the premises of the Scientific-Technical Services of the University at the Severo Ochoa Building. This way, the youths will get to know firsthand the work of researchers and even experience by themselves the use cases of some of their findings.

    A total of 42 researchers from the University will visit as many centers of the region as part of the activities of the Day of Science in my School. They will explain to the children how they work every day in their respective fields of knowledge and they will show them their latests discoveries.

    Moreover, the activities of Thinking about Science and Meetings with Science and Philosophy will be structured around difference conversations with science, as round tables or conferences, in which experts of the field at hand will participate.