• University and Principality have signed a contract-programme to boost internationalization and the transfer of knowledge

    April 11, 2011

    The rector has said that in the Principality's ranking of priorities, the University should be in a higher position.

    Vicente Álvarez Areces and Vicente Gotor after the signature of the contract programme
    The University of Oviedo and the Government of the Principality have signed a contract programme in which 1,5millions of Euros, already included in the 2011's university budget, will be used to boost the internationalization of the masters' degrees, PhDs and the transfer of knowledge.

    The contract programme includes large sums of money for fitting out thefacilities and equipments of the future PhD International School, inside the International Centre of Post grade; the development of new stages in the Integrated System for the University Information, equipments of SME incubators, support to the creation of Spin Offs and the management of patents and Registries of the Intellectual property; the improvement of university masters' degrees and international PhDs and the participation in the Foundation of the Biomedical Research Centre.

    The rector, Vicente Gotor, has stressed in his speech the loyalty with which the academic institution has worked together with the Principality during these three years of his mandate, a loyalty – he said- that has been shown with facts: with austerity and the reorganization of economy. "We have always looked at the future with the aspirations of the great universities; with the challenge of being among the best despite having fewer resources. I won't get tired when asking for more resources, because I think it is fair and it is also my duty, not just with our University but with the whole Asturian society", he explained at the same time that he pointed out that "in the ranking of priorities, University should take a higher place". Vicente Gotor appreciated the collaboration of the regional Government and he announced that he will ask for all parties' consensus, no matter which the next one will govern after the elections, so that "they assume that the University of Oviedo is a common good and therefore it cannot be subjugated to budgetary ups and downs".

    The rector reviewed the work carried out in the last year by the Campus of International Excellence not just in internalization but in bilingualism, renewal of the university masters' degrees with a range of international, interuniversity programmes as well as the collaboration with companies, the improvements on the transfer of knowledge, especially throughout the Clusters of Energy, Environment, Climate Changing and Biomedicine and Health.

    Vicente Gotor emphasized the role that the International Centre of Post Grade will play as a pole of attraction for foreign and other communities' students, and the future PhD International School. "We want to create a perfect circle, in which our students can have the option to study a bilingual degree, keep on improving with international master's degrees which will offer them a dual degree in a foreign university and, if the wish so, complete their training with an international PhD".

    On the other hand, the regional president, Vicente Álvarez Areces, also referred to the "loyalty, good harmony and high-mindedness" that have chaired the relations with the University. Areces recognized that the rector's requests were reasonable, but he noted that the current economic situation makes unable to satisfy all the claims and that it is necessary to prioritize policies.