• The University and Oviedo's city council will develop joint cultural and educational projects

    September 11, 2012

    The Rector and the Mayor sign a framework collaboration agreement between both institutions

    Vicente Gotor, with the Mayor of Oviedo, explains the agreement between both institutions to the media.

    The Rector of the University of Oviedo, Vicente Gotor, and the Mayor of Oviedo's City Council, Agustín Iglesias Caunedo, have signed this morning a framework collaboration agreement by which both parties commit themselves to develop joint projects in the cultural and educational sphere. The Rector gave as an example the development of a virtual tour to visit the emblematic settings of Clarín's masterpiece in the Asturian capital.

    The agreement, which will last 3 years and with a development in later specific collaboration agreements, gives priority to the development of cultural and educational activities on history, literature, music, cinema, visual and performing arts, humanitities, social sciences, sports and the mutual counseling in the mentioned areas.

    Among other questions, the agreement makes reference to the development of researchs related to any aspect of the planning, conservation and management of municipal resources and activities as well as the conservation, recovery and dissemination of the cultural and historic heritage of Oviedo.

    Both the Rector and the Mayor of Oviedo stressed, among the future projects, the likely introduction of Master's degrees and postgraduate studies of interest for the city, and the encouragement to opt for university extension as a tool of cultural promotion for the citizens of Oviedo.