• The communications of the University will be cut during Monday, December 29

    December 23, 2014

    The maintenance will affect access to the Internet and the e-mail platform, the institutional website, telephone landlines and the photocopy service

    There is as a cut in the electric supply scheduled for next Monday, December 29, that will affect the Severo Ochoa Building, the location of the main server room of the IT and Communications Service; the connection with RedIRIS; our provider of services to connect with the Internet and the main infrastructure of the telephone landline.

    The cut is due to the maintenance and compulsory inspection of the Transformation Center. The start of this service cut will be around 9 AM on the aforementioned Monday and, if there are no issues during the process, it is expected that every service goes back online at around 1 PM.

    The services that will be cease any functionality during this period are: Connectivity to and from the Internet; Telephone landlines (some campuses may have service, but it is not guaranteed); Corporative applications; Communications between campuses; E-mail service, and Photocopy service.