• The University walks the history, miracles and legends of the Way of St. James with a series of conferences

    April 29, 2014

    The meetings, which will take place between May 3 and 5 at the Main Hall of LAUDEO, will approach the peregrine route through the lens of film and music

    Representatives of the institutions and entities that participate in the Cycle Way of St. James

    The 4th Cycle Way of St. James will start next Monday, May 5, with five conferences devoted this time to the stories, miracles, legends and music in the Ways. The University of Oviedo offered this morning a new edition of these meetings, organized jointly by different institutions and organisms, among them, the Town Council of Oviedo, the Archbishopric, the association of Friends of the Way of St. James and the association of Alumni of the University of Navarra.

    The conferences will approach the Way of St. James from different perspectives, both religious and cultural. If in previous editions heritage and art were the central topics of the sessions, this year experts will focus on the myths and legends around the peregrinations, and the miracles and historical events related to the Jacobean route. The sessions will take place at the Main Hall of the Cultural Center LAUDEO (Historical Building) at 19:00 and entrance will be free of charge.

    The cycle will also offer a musical journey through the Way of St. James organized by the teacher of the University of Oviedo María Sanhuesa, and a pictorial exhibition by Juan Bonifacio Lorenzo, director of the Film Library of Asturias, through the cinema related to the Way of St. James.

    During the presentation, the Director of the area of University Extension, Leopoldo Sánchez Torre, valued the importance of the institutional collaboration reflected in the organization of these meetings, which will last until May 13, and desired to strenghten the links with the participating associations and entities. The rest of the representatives from the institutions and entities expressed similar wishes. The councilor of the Town Council of Oviedo Gerardo Antuña highlighted the varied topics from which the Way of St. James will be approached, and reinforced the commitment of the Town Council with the activities that may take place around the Jacobean route.

    In turn, the abbot of Covadonga, Juan José Tuñón, pointed out the coincidence of the cycle of conferences with the recent re-opening of the Holy Chamber after its restoration and highlighted the value of this cycle as a meeting point for everyone interested in the Way of St. James. Finally, Georgina Valcárcel, representative of the Alumni Navarra association and promoter of this cycle, encouraged everyone in Asturias to attend the conferences for their interest and the new perspectives they may give on the Way.

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