• The University traces the art of tattooing in an exhibition with Asturian designs

    July 01, 2015

    Art History students have designed the exhibition, which offers a varied collection of photographs, drawings, videos and professional tools

    Un momento de la presentación de la muestra en la sala de exposiciones de LAUDEO.
    The University of Oviedo traces the history and techniques of tattooing as an artistic movement in the TattooArte exhibition, a Project developed by Art History students, open to the public in the Exhibition Hall of the LAUDEO Cultural Center (Historical Building) until July 30. The exhibition offers a varied collection of photographs, drawings, videos and professional tools, with the collaboration of the Asturian tattooists Sepul (Sepul Tattoo Studio, Gijón), Maurizio (Cúbico Studio, Gijón) and Sergio (Pura Vida Studio, Avilés).
    In TattooArte visitors may find three different tattooing styles: Maori, old school, and surrealist/comic. The exhibition analyzes in depth the historical roots of tattooing and presents tattoos as an artistic technique in which ink and skin are used instead of oil and canvas, and the tattooist is the artist and creator, according to the students of Market, Art Critics and Exhibition Curatorship, delivered by Professor Ana María Fernández.
    This exhibition has been designed by a group of third year students of the degree in Art History consisting of: Laura Iglesias, Daniel Gómez, Jennifer Ibaseta, Ana Lladó, Agnese Scarpa and Cynthia Argüelles.
    The promoters of this proposal, supported by the Vice-Chancellor for University Extension and Communication, aim to help eradicate prejudices and negative connotations of tattooing in our society, and highlight the symbolic relevance of tattoos throughout history in several civilizations. The material of the this exhibition includes tattooing tools such as tattoo machines, needles and old machines, as well as original designs donated by tattooists.