• The University publishes the first list of students who have been admitted to Undergraduate Degrees with limited places

    July 11, 2013

    The students who have been accepted into Undergraduate Degrees with limited places must finalize their enrolment between July 11 and 16. Medicine, Biotechnology and Dentistry have the highest minimum passing marks for the first list of admitted students.

    Starting today, the students who have requested admittance into Undergraduate Degrees will limited places will be able to check their application in the first list of admitted students. Those who have been accepted must finalize their enrolment before July 16 at 14:00. Those who do not finish the process will forfeit their place and it will be filled in by the next candidate in the queue. The period for complaints will also be open from July 11 to July 16. On July 18, the second list of admitted students will be published, and the third one on July 25.

    First list of assignment of places
    Enrolment in Undergraduate Degrees

    The minimum passing marks for this list are provisional, since open places will be filled in by the students in the queue. In this first phase, the Degrees with the highest minimum passing mark are: Medicine (12.69), Biotechnology (12.50) and Dentistry (12.26). The Degrees over 11 are the remaining ones from the bio-medical branch (Nursery and Physiotherapy). The new Double Degree in Business Administration and Management and Law, which will be offered for the first time during the next academic year, has a provisional minimum passing mark of 9.92.