• The University has presented a "social and inclusive" urban project in the Campus of El Cristo

    April 14, 2011

    This performance, in the framework of the Campus of International Excellence, represents an urban pattern which will be a reference for future remodelling.

    Presentation of the project
    Establishing a communication channel between the two parts of the Campus of El Cristo according to criteria of sustainability, incorporating ramps which promote accessibility and creating meeting points in green areas. These are the main purposes of the urban renewal project that the University of Oviedo is developing in the Campus of El Cristo.

    The rector, Vicente Gotor; the vice-rector for the Campus of International Excellence, Paz Suárez Rendueles; the vice-rector for Infrastructures, Campuses and Sustainability, José Carlos Rico; and the architect Jovino Martínez Sierra, have presented the project this morning.

    This intervention in the setting of El Cristo is part of the programme of urban performances within the Campus of International Excellence that, as the rector pointed out, is trying to turn the Campus of the University of Oviedo into "healthy and sustainable spaces". A redevelopment plan that, according to Vicente Gotor, will be developed at "a long term" due to the magnitude of the project in its whole and the difficult economic situation nowadays.

    However, the vice-rector for Infrastructures, Campuses and Sustainability, José Carlos Rico, explained that this action line responds to two strategic areas proposed by the CIE, in which it is planned to offer, on the one hand, a "social and inclusive" campus model and, on the other hand, improving the "architectural and urban" aspect of the University's environment. Indeed, the Campus of El Cristo is the one which shows "the untidiest urban development and a greater number of users", Rico indicated.

    As a result of this work, a degraded area has been recovered, converting it in a new communication channel which can be used as a meeting point, leisure area and a workplace outdoors. A new urban concept that in the future will be expanded to other university spaces, such as the environment of the Faculties of Medicine, Biochemistry and the Vivarium, though this project won't be addressed immediately due to budgetary reasons. br/>
    The architect Jovino Martínez Sierra agreed when saying that the philosophy of the project follows the "conditions fixed by the Campus of International Excellence" with the aim of creating, under sustainability criteria, "a kind of pattern" which can be extended to other places through the designs and the materials employed. In the case of El Cristo, this performance will be composed by some walls which create close spaces, and platforms of diverse heights, which resolve the 14 metres of height difference between the areas, with a huge predominance of greenery. The platforms incorporate stairs and ramps to facilitate the access of disable people. Martínez Sierra stressed that with this project, the University is offering "polyvalent spaces of action", whose use will be defined by the users of the spaces.

    The work has a budget of 283.000 Euros and its completion is planned for May of 2011.