• The University focuses on the attention to disability

    March 07, 2012

    The Conference on University and Disability gets a hundred people together in the Great Hall

    Opening ceremony of the Conference on University and Disability

    The conference has brought it up for discussion the actions, challenges and problems which the attention to disability finds not only at university but also in society in general.

    With a hundred participants, the forum was organised by the Vice-rector's Office for Students and Employment and sponsored by Cajastur, and it was opened by the Rector, Vicente Gotor, the Regional Minister of Health and Social Welfare , Paloma Menéndez, and the Head of Institutional Relations and and Social Services of Cajastur, Carlos Siñeriz.

    In his speech, the Rector highlighted the numerous initiatives which, during his term of office, have been put in motion with the objective of reinforcing the inclusion of disabled people in the University. Furthermore, he reminded the audience that one of the main axis of action of the Campus of Excellence is precisely the attention to diversity and for that, part of the subsidies from the CEI through the Strengthening Program will be allocated for the disabled access to the Historic Building, an emblematic space in the University.

    In two intensive sessions, the people participating in the encounter have discussed about the response the University provides when dealing with disabilities and special needs. They also highlighted, with some students' testimonies, the university students' potential when they take part in accompaniment and support programs for disabled people and volunteering programs of the Principality of Asturias.

    The Director of the area of University Services, Eduardo Rodríguez, chaired the different round tables, which in the second session focused on other important aspects for the normalization and social integration of disabled people: making sport, work placement, the role of TIC's and accessibility challenges. There was a high participation rate on the part of the network of associates. The Vice-rector for Students and Employment, Luis Rodríguez,and the Town Councillor for Social Services at Oviedo City Council, Belén Fernández Acevedo, brought the encounter to an end.