• The University takes part in a European Project based on virtual mobility for master students

    June 24, 2015

    The OUVM program will allow students to take graduate courses delivered by other international universities

    Alumnos trabajando con un portátil.
    The University of Oviedo is working in collaboration with four European centers in the elaboration of the project OUVM (Opening Universities for Virtual Mobility). It is an initiative based on virtual mobility aimed at students undertaking a master´s degree. This pilot program will be implemented in the Master´s Degree in Web Engineering and Master´s Degree in Teacher Training in Compulsory Secondary Education, Baccalaureate and Vocational Training. 
    In addition to Oviedo, other universities will join this initiative, like the Universities of Vytautas Magnus (Lithuania), Aberta (Portugal), Leuven (Belgium) y Pavía (Italy). The main objective of the project is to include virtual mobility in graduate studies, providing the faculty and academic staff with training in the curricular design of a master program, using open resources (OERs) and promoting the correct application of licenses for content elaboration.
    The project is currently on a curricular design stage elaborating materials for the first 12 courses and also training sessions that will be delivered to the teaching staff. 
    Students will be able to take courses in other European master programs, delivered by the participating institutions, as if they were erasmus students. The students shall sign a learning agreement and they will take courses similar to those of their master program they are undertaking at the University of Oviedo, at another European institution through a virtual mobility. Upon successful completion of the course, the corresponding credits will be recognized in the student´s academic record. 
    The different phases that will allow achieving this objective are:
    o    Collaborative design of the curriculum of the virtual courses that will be part of the master program.
    o    Elaboration of the training material for the faculty and staff of the university using OERs and licenses of Creative Commons (CC).
    o    Training sessions for the participating institutions focused on the creation of those resources and open materials.
    o    Joint design and development of the curriculum of the courses contained in the master programme. 
    o    Implementation of the curriculum of the master program through the virtual mobility.  Students undertaking the master´s degree in partner institutions may join the virtual mobility.