• The University takes the best theatre around Asturias with "La Escena Ambulante" (Street Scene)

    April 19, 2011

    The academic institution has organized a tour with the companies Teatro Margen, Higiénico Papel, Teatro del Norte and Zig- Zag Danza.

    Presentation of the cycle
    The University of Oviedo has started a theatre tour in collaboration with the best Asturian companies in order to bring their last productions to locations where there is no Asturian circuit. Teatro Margen, Higiénico Papel, Teatro del Norte and Zig-Zag Danza will take their performances to Villaviciosa, Pola de Lena, Llanes, Ribadesella, Luarca, Cudillero, Vegadeo and La Felguera.

    The vice-rector for University Extension, Vicente Domínguez, has just presented "La Escena Ambulante" (Street Scene) tour, with which the academic institution takes a further step in its efforts to bring culture to all the corners of the region. "We have to give back to society what it is giving us constantly. We are the only institution in Asturias that schedules anywhere", Dominguez said in reference to the idea of getting to all the locations and all ages. He added that his dream would be to set a budget to schedule drama, music and films every day throughout Asturias.

    The vice-rector was accompanied by representatives of the companies that will take part in this tour: Etelvino Vázquez (Teatro del Norte), Arturo Castro (Margen), Estrella García (Zig-Zag Danza) and Carlos Dávila (Higiénico Papel). The directors and performers thanked the University of Oviedo "because they have remembered the Asturian theatre" and they considered that this initiative is "an example" that has to be followed by the rest of Regional institutions.

    Teatro Margen will raise the curtains of this cycle with a representation of "No exit" which is a Jean Paul Sartre's play, on the 24th of April in Villaviciosa and the 28th at Pola de Lena. On the 30th of April, it will be represented in Ribadesella (and the 20th of May, in Llanes) Higiénico Papel will stage the comedy show "An hour in the kitchen". On the 5th and 6th of May, in Luarca and Cudillero respectively, Northern Theatre will perform Lorca's farce "The prodigious Shoemaker". Finally, La Felguera (on the 11th of May) and Vegadeo (on the 12th) will be the towns which will host the performance of "Dissonances", which will be developed by Zig-Zag Danza.


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