• The University signs a collaboration agreement with the Anastasio de Gracia Foundation-FITEL

    April 24, 2015

    This agreement aims to the development of joint actions in the scope of the promotion of knowledge and socio-economic studies

    El rector, Vicente Gotor, y el director de la Fundación Anastasio de Gracia-FITEL, Félix González Argüelles.
    The University of Oviedo and the Anastasio de Gracia Foundation-FITEL have just signed a collaboration agreement aimed at developing joint actions for the promotion of knowledge and socio-economic studies. The agreement has been signed between the Rector of the Asturian academic institution, Vicente Gotor, and the Director of the Anastasio de Gracia Foundation-FITEL, Félix González Argüelles.
    The framework agreement will be subsequently implemented through specific actions related to the purpose of the foundation, whose main objectives are to promote debate and discussion about those economic and social issues that are a matter of concern to all the society. Among other initiatives, the University and the foundation will promote study and research in the fields of industry and construction in our country, taking socio-economic and innovation aspects as main axis.
    Both entities will try to establish collaboration and coordination mechanisms, exchanging information about their respective activities, calls and publications. The agreement will have an initial duration of one year and will be automatically renewed for successive periods. A Follow-Up Commission will be established, to ensure a proper development of the initiatives agreed.