• The University publishes a guide to make students' procedures easier

    February 24, 2012

    The guide clarifies the requirements and the places where students have to deal with matters such as registrations, pre-registrations, certificates or validations.

    Students using a  Service Point Terminal (TPS) at the University of Oviedo.

    The Vice-rector's Office for Students and Employment has prepared a simple guide for students to quickly know how to carry out some procedures, the requirements to meet for each one and where to go to deal with it. The initiative aims to make red tape less tedious and plain for students and achieve a greater efficiency in these procedures.

    The guide is available on the university website and can be found on the virtual secretary's office which students can find under the title Te ayudamos con los trámites (We help you with procedures). The guide explains in detail how to carry out a total of 36 specific procedures having to do with certificates and degrees, calls, assessment, incidences and exceptional situations, registrations and pre-registrations or credit recognition and validations.

    The guide gives an account of what a specific procedure is used for, the documents required to complete it, which organism is responsible for it and where is its head office and, finally, the possibility of downloading the forms and official applications online. It also includes all the references to the current regulations concerning this field and the existing possibilities of lodging an appeal.

    The guide is thus a valuable source for students to deal with red tape at University, which will contribute to saving time with these procedures and to improving efficiency.

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