• The University has dedicated a room in the Library of Humanities to the teacher Álvaro Galmés de Fuentes

    February 22, 2011

    The funds of Arab- Islamic theme, which incorporate a donation of volumes that belonged to the teacher, will be now integrated in an independent section.

    The heirs of Álvaro Galmés de Fuentes (1924-2003) have donated the books of Arab and Islamic studies which belonged to the head of the former Department of Arab to the University of Oviedo. These are hundreds of volumes which will enrich the new section of the Library of Humanities, specifically dedicated to those studies.

    This new room will take the name of Álvaro Galmés de Fuentes and it will be inaugurated on the next 28th of February, at 12:30h, in an academic event in which Santiago García Granda, vice-rector for Research of the University of Oviedo, the dean of the Philosophy and Letters Faculty, Cristina Valdés Rodríguez and Juan Carlos Villaverde Amieva, representative from the Arab and Islamic Studies Area will take part. Then, about 13:00h, Amalia Zomeño Rodríguez, from the Higher Centre of Scientific Research in Madrid, will give a conference called "The book in Arab-Islamic civilization". This will be held in the Auditorium of the Humanities Library (Campus of El Milán- Oviedo-).

    The new room which is now going to be inaugurated, whose entrance is free and which has a general nature, will fulfil the role of research library specialized in Arab- Islamic studies and, in particular, in the most Arab-Romanic studies, which are deep-rooted and which have a distinguished trajectory in the University of Oviedo.