• The University of Oviedo and the Organization of the Latin American States have signed a cooperation agreement

    March 10, 2011

    The Organization of the Latin American States has proposed the Asturian academic institution a project to train researchers in the hydrocarbons field

    The rector and the General Secretary of the Organization of the Latin American States
    The University of Oviedo and the Organization of the Latin American States for Education, Science and Culture will work together in the training of teachers, professionals and researchers belonging to the field of science. This is what it is said in the agreement that Vicente Gotor Santamaría, rector of the University of Oviedo and Álvaro Marchesi, general secretary of the OLA have just signed.

    More specifically, the OLA has proposed the University of Oviedo the development of a project to train researchers in the hydrocarbons field. In this sense, Álvaro Marchesi explained that the OLA has already had some agreements with companies belonging to the oil sector, which have applied for its advice so that technologic research projects in this area can be developed as this is a high demanded professional sector in South America.

    By his side, the rector valued positively this proposal and he considered that the opening of new channels of collaboration in the framework of this agreement and within the Campus of International Excellence could be interesting. The rector and the general secretary were accompanied by the vice-rector for the Campus of International Excellence, María Paz Suárez Rendueles and the vice-rector for Internationalization and Cooperation for development, Ana María Fernández. Álvaro Marchesi pointed that the obtaining of the hallmark of excellence, which the academic institution owns, is a pride for the OLA as the University of Oviedo is one of its collaborating members.

    Following this line of cooperation, both institutions want specially emphasized all which is referred to the support and the promotion for the joint activities designed for the training of the teaching staff encouraging the creation of team works in the framework of Metas programme 2021, a great educative project approved in the Latin American Summit of President of States and Governments. This ambitious plan will be developed in all the Latin-American countries for the next decade, coinciding with the commemoration of the Bicentenaries of the Independences that includes, among other issues, the dynamization of the Latin-American Space of Knowledge.

    On the other hand, the collaboration between these two institutions will be aimed at professionals and researchers that will carry out their labour inside the field of the social applications of science; in this case, exchanges among teachers and students will be encouraged, as it is a project with teaching, research intentions or for the advice in fields that can be interesting for both institutions. In that way, the mechanisms to achieve this purpose will be established, among them, the strengthening of excellence and exchanging networks will be the most important. The Campus of Excellence of the University of Oviedo, especially its area of Energy, Environment and Climate Changing will mean an important active to design a widening in the lines of work followed until now.