• The University of Oviedo and the SabadellHerrero Bank award diplomas to 60 internship students

    August 28, 2015

    These internships, which will be developed in July and August, are aimed at completing the training of university students and bringing them closer to the labor market

    The University of Oviedo and the SabadellHerrero Bank have awarded diplomas to the 60 students who have developed internships at the bank during the summer, in accordance with an agreement signed with the Sabadell Bank Foundation. The Rector of the University, Vicente Gotor, has attended the ceremony, along with the general director of SabadellHerrero, Pablo Junceda, the Vice-Chancellor for Students , Luis Rodríguez Muñiz, and the director of the University of Oviedo Foundation, Matilde Hoelscher.

    The collaboration agreements signed by the University of Oviedo with the  SabadellHerrero Bank and the Sabadell Bank Foundation are aimed at promoting training of university students in areas related to business operations, thus facilitating their inclusion in the labor market.