• The University joins the manifesto of the International Women's Day

    March 07, 2012

    33 Spanish public universities present this joint initiative, which demands real equality between men and women

    The University of Oviedo, through its Gender Equality Unit, has joined the commemorative manifesto of the International Women's Day presented by RUIGEU, Red the Igualdad de Género para la Excelencia ( Netwok of Excellence for Gender Equality).

    The manifesto represents the first joint initiative taken by the 33 Spanish public universities which make up RUIGEU within the framework of the celebration of 8 March 2012. This unanimous message starts from the premise that: "only those universities with the same perspective as regards real equality between men and women can reach academic quality and excellence". Likewise, through this document, the RUIGEU wants to express its solidarity commitment to "continue working, maintain the achievements and reach real equality both in our society and in our universities"

    For his part, apart from this manifesto, the Gender Equality Unit of the University of Oviedo offers on his website information about the celebrations planned to commemorate the 8 March in Asturias. Likewise, on this website, we can find and consult the Asturian Academic institution's equality resources.