• The University of Oviedo joins the Spanish public universities in their Manifest in remembrance of the International Women's Day

    March 08, 2013

    The document emphasizes the importance of the contributions made by women in recovering the social well-being of the country

    The Network of Gender Units for University Excellence (RUIGEU), composed of 39 public Spanish universities, among them the University of Oviedo, has presented a joint manifest in remembrance of March 8, the International Women's Day.

    Said manifest highlights the fact that equality policies continue to occupy a central position in the agendas of the universities and the rest of the public institutions, and that there are still inequalities to be eradicated from within the very own academic institutions.

    The document showcases the weakest points in this matter, as well as the strategies that should be either potentiated or set in motion. Moreover, it reaffirms the idea that "the contribution that women who work or study at the University is essential to recover the social well-being in Spain".

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