• The University of Oviedo joins the Macro-Region of the European Southwest after the inclusion of the Principality

    May 13, 2014

    The Rector and the Councilor of Presidency met to talk about the collaboration of the academic institution with the rest of the universities that form the MRES network

    Guillermo Martínez and Vicente Gotor during the meeting.

    The Rector, Vicente Goto, and the Councilor of Presidency, Guillermo Martínez, met to discuss the participation of the University of Oviedo in the Macro-Region of the European Southwest (MRES), a network joined by Asturias last week and which is composed by Galicia, Castilla y León and the Northern and Middle regions of Portugal.

    The academic institution, as part of the Campus of International Excellence, has offered its full collaboration to the Principality when needed to develop research and collaboration projects as part of the MRES. Currently, the there are 27 universities participating in this macro-region and which have created the conference of Rectors Cresoe, which the University of Oviedo intends to join. The Councilor of Presidency expressed his wishes of celebrating a meeting of the plenary of rectors in the future.

    The fields of action deemed as priorities include transportation and logistics, industrial policies, closely related to the production of automobiles, and research. It is precisely in the latter where the University of Oviedo may play a key role, especially thanks to the Campus of International Excellence.

    This macro-region, born in September 2010, integrates 12.5 millions of people and comprises almost a third of the territory of the Iberian Peninsula. The Universities that compose the MRES amount to almost 300,000 students.