• The University of Oviedo joins the Conference of Rectors of Universities of South West Europe

    March 17, 2015

    This network of higher education and research centers aims to promote collaboration in the framework of intelligent specialization of European regions

    Miembros participantes en la reunión de la Crusoe
    The University of Oviedo has become a member of the Conference of Rectors of Universities of South West Europe (Crusoe), which groups university and research centers included in the group known as Regions of South West Europe (Resoe). The Vice-Chancellor for Research and Campus of International Excellence, Paz Suárez Rendueles, took part on behalf of the Rector, in the meeting held at the Universidade do Minho, in Braga (Portugal) to welcome the new members to the Crusoe.
    The meeting was attended by representatives of 18 higher education centers from the North of Portugal, Galicia and Castilla y León. During the meeting, four new members were included: the University of Oviedo, and the Universities of Aveiro, Beira Interior and Coimbra. Moreover, the procedures aimed at the coordination of joint research projects were approved, among other things. Crusoe aims to strengthen the role of the network of universities of south west Europe in the resolution of common projects and to promote projects related to the intelligent specialization of European regions. 
    Resoe gathers five regions (Galicia, Castilla y León, North of Portugal, Asturias and Center of Portugal) covering a surface of 183.887 square kilometers, with 12.3370.180 inhabitants. It includes a total of 27 public and private universities, 62 higher education institutions and 80 research centers, which turns it into a key place to create a space for university excellence, linked to the European Higher Education Area, and to develop collaboration projects based on technology and transfer of results to the business sector to bring products and services to market.