• The University of Oviedo gathers the best international experts in fuzzy logics

    December 01, 2013

    The EUROFUSE 2013 meeting will touch upon the latest advanced made to make machines imitate the learning system of human

    Around fifty researchers from all around the world are meeting in Asturias since this Sunday, December 1, to approach the latest advances and challenges in terms of the so-called fuzzy mathematics. Fuzzy group theory or fuzzy logics try to achieve that machines are able to imitate the way in which humans learn.

    The advances in this field of research are especially valuable for everything related to the development of artificial intelligence since the theoretical models created by mathematicians allow machines to handle imprecise information and make decisions in a similar way to how a human brain would.

    Experts from all around the world will take part in EUROFUSE 2013 Workshop on Uncertainty and Imprecision Modeling in Decision Making. The prestigious meeting is organized by the UNIMODE research group of the University of Oviedo, led by Professor Susan Montes.

    EUROFUSE 2013 will feature some of the most prominent international names in fuzzy group theory, such as Professor Bernard de Baets (University of Gent), Serafín Moral (University of Granada) and Esteban Induráin (Public University of Navarre). Around thirty works will be presented during the meeting. The best-considered researches will be part of a special number of the specialized journal Fuzzy Sets and Systems.

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