• International experts in soundtracks meet at the University of Oviedo

    December 11, 2012

    Lecturers from Spanish and foreign universities will deal with the composition process and the aesthetics of music in cinema, advertising, videogames and TV series, among others

    For three days, the experts will deal with the importance of music in different cultural products.

    Which process is followed when composing the music of an advertisement, a videogame or a film's soundtrack. What aesthetic and technical implications has it to compose melodies for different audiovisual supports. These are some of the questions to be answered in the VII International Symposium, Music Creation in Soundtracks, which will be held at the University of Oviedo from tomorrow, Wednesday, until 14 December.

    The Asturian academic institution takes over from Salamanca in the organization of this international encounter, in which lecturers from Spanish universities as from foreign universities such as Liverpoll, Medellín (Colombia) or Padova (Italy) participate. The sessions will take place basically on 13 and 14 December, with a lecture as a prologue, on 12 December.

    This will be the first time that the meeting of experts will deal with the role of music not only in cinema but also in other audiovisual supports such as advertising, videogames or television series, among others.

    The international encounter is part of the activities organized by the Pop Rock Classroom of University Extension in its attempt to diversify the offer of academic and cultural activities for university community members and the Asturian society in general.

    For three days, the experts will discuss the importance of music in different cultural products and from different perspectives. Thus, the different tables will focus on different proposals such as soundtracks in silent films, Enio Morricone's musical language, music creation for a film trailer and a television slot or the re-creations some television series have made of classic musicals.

    The symposium will be held at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters (Management Building). The program includes two plenary lectures: Migraciones y música pop en la España de los sesenta: el cine en ambos lados del espejo, by Josep LLuís i Falcó (University of Barcelona) and New Media Forms and New Audio-Visual Relationships, by lecturer Anahid Kassabian (Institute of Popular Music, University of Liverpool). All the contents of the program and the registration process can be checked on the Blog of University Extension.