• The University of Oviedo has been awarded with the Mariano Gutiérrez Suárez- Duro Felguera Special Prize

    February 24, 2011

    The rector, Vicente Gotor, will collect this prize on Friday. It has been granted for the work of the institution in favour of Asturian society and because of obtaining the hallmark of International Excellence.

    The University of Oviedo will receive the Marino Gutiérrez Suárez- Duro Feleguera Special Prize next Friday 25th, in an event which will be held at 19:00h in the Nuevo Teatro of La Felguera. The rector, Vicente Gotor, will pick up the award given by Mariano Gutiérrez Suárez Foundation whose purpose is to honour people and bodies with outstanding actions in the promotion and progress of Asturias, particularly, in High Nalón Region.

    The academic institution was recognized with one of the four awards that are given annually by the foundation, which was created to pay tribute to the entrepreneur and philanthropist Mariano Gutiérrez Suárez, mainly because of obtaining the hallmark of International Excellence.

    The jury emphasized when awarding the institution that the University has been working for more than 400 years, in which countless personalities have been shaped in its centres and "its formation, work and dedication have contributed to the development of villages and cities, at a local, regional, national and international level". During the discussion, the work of the University was also underlined as a source of prosperity, progress, defence of the ethic and human values, concord and peace. The University has been given this prize mainly because of achieving the hallmark of International Excellence at the end of 2009 and as "it has been able to bring together more than two hundred institutions, companies, foundations and different entities, thus involving Asturian society in a future project, taking advantage of the past and relying on the present".

    Furthermore, the Foundation will award the politician José María Lavandera proposed by the "Les Pieces" Old People Association with the Prize for Human Values and Social Welfare 2010; the 2010 Creation, Promotion and Development Award will be given to Capgemini enterprise, which is leader in IT development; and the Cultural Association San Tirso de Abres will receive the 2010 Asturian Mining Green Valleys Prize.