• The University of Oviedo has presented a proposal with 17 actions to strengthen its Campus of International Excellence

    May 09, 2011

    The academic institution requires 3,1 millions of Euros in the call for the Subprogram of Strengthening to promote internationalization, academic excellence, technologic innovation and relationship with the environment.

    Presentation event of the Sub program of Strengthening

    The University of Oviedo takes part in a new call of the Campus of International Excellence in the Subprogram for the Strengthening with a proposal of 17 actions which insist on the internationalization, research, academic planning, infrastructures, students and relationship with the environment. The total sum of the request is 3,1 millions of Euros and the main purpose is to reinforce Ad Futurum project, with which the University of Oviedo achieved the hallmark of excellence in 2009. The Ministry of Education will distribute 35, 8 millions of Euros among all the participant universities.

    The Subprogram for the Strengthening is a call that the Ministry of Educations addresses to all the universities which own the Campus of International Excellence's hallmark. This is a public competition to get grants in certain priority areas.

    The rector, Vicente Gotor, and the Vice-rector for the Campus of International Excellence, Mª Paz Suárez Rendueles, presented the proposals sent to Madrid to the Campus of Excellence's Governing Body. In this year's call, two categories are established: Consolidation and Collaboration between public and private bodies, the actions are thought to be developed in cooperation with private foundations. Both modalities have seven priority lines, which, at the same time, include concrete actions and limit of funding. The University of Oviedo has presented projects in almost all these priority lines.

    • Internationalization
    • Academic Excellence
    • Management in the field of higher education
    • Governance and management in the Campuses of International Excellence
    • Entrepreneurship and technologic development
    • Creativity
    • Excellence for the environment


    The proposal in the modality of Consolidation aims to broaden the collaboration with foreign universities and mobility. The University of Oviedo presents the actions of Astur- China Bridge and Astur-China Mobility Grants, with the goal of promoting collaboration with Chinese universities through internships with Chinese companies for students of the University of Oviedo, PhD about themes of the Clusters in Chinese Universities for Asturian students and vice versa, and grants to facilitate Asian students to carry out post-graduate studies and university master's degrees. Following this line of internationalization, the Asturian academic institution has proposed to open a relation path with International PhD Schools.

    Academic Excellence

    The University of Oviedo takes part in an action dedicated to the creation of social spaces for the learning in the campuses, which will become in meeting points for university students, and the creation of classroom for video-conferences in the campuses, within a section aimed to the adaptation to European Higher Area of Education. The proposal of CIE-Ad Futurum is trying to strengthen the Program for the incorporation of International Researchers of Excellence, through the incorporation of scientists and technologists in the Campus of Excellence's Clusters: Energy, Environment and Climate Changing and Biomedicine and Health.

    As novelty, following this same line of academic excellence but in the category of Public- Private Cooperation, the Asturian academic institution has remitted an initiative in collaboration with Príncipe de Asturias Foundation and the Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre whose title is Europa 2020: Premios Nobel y Premios Príncipe de Asturias promueven estrategias para el desarrollo sostenible (Europe 2020: Nobel Prizes and Prince of Asturias Prizes promote strategies for sustainable development) and whose main goal is to favour meetings with the winners. A new edition of the Scientific Campus of Summer, which is thought for High School students, has also been presented.

    Management in the field of higher education

    This year's call promotes the establishment of collaboration networks in this action, a line in which the University of Oviedo has joined the proposal of the G9 Group which poses to share external internships and degree and master's degrees' final projects among the universities which compose the Group (Oviedo, Cantabria, Castilla- La Mancha, Extremadura, Islas Baleares, La Rioja, Navarra, País Vasco and Zaragoza).

    Entrepreneurship and technologic development

    2011's call includes a section for the promotion of innovative ecosystems, in which CIE-Ad Futurum project has asked for funding for the development of the Marina Off-Shore Experimental Station, through activities with technologic centres, energy consortiums, international associations, town councils and universities. In the category of Public- Private Cooperation, the proposal stresses the stays of teachers in Technologic Centres, to boost applied research and the development of sustainable laboratories as well.


    This line of action only can receive funding in the modality of Public- Private Cooperation, with the proposal of the ARS_CEI: LAB Interdisciplinary Platform, in collaboration with LABoral Arts Centre and Industrial Creation. This platform aims to promote artistic creation in the campuses so that new models of technologic transfer and knowledge can be shared with society, through an artistic perspective. It tries to open a connection way among society, arts, science, technology and industrial creation.

    Excellence for the environment

    The proposal sent to the Ministry of Education includes the organization of an itinerant exhibition: The challenges of Science: revealing the human genome, which will travel around Asturian cities, approaching scientific advances in this field to society. In this priority line, those actions related to tools for the employability will also be reinforced. The third action for getting the funding is the Improvement of sports facilities, in which a proposal to promote physical activity and sport has been presented. It also includes activities adapted to disable people. In addition, this project will build sports facilities in the Campus of Gijón.

    The proposal in this priority line, but in the Public-Private modality, includes the Restoration and adaptation of university environments in the sphere of university accessibility and inclusion, especially in the Historical Building, and giving new technological resources to those people with hearing impairment.

    The Subprogram for the Strengthening is the first of the calls which has appeared this year within the programme of Campus of International Excellence. From the 35,8 millions of Euros in subsidies, a maximum of 26,8 millions will be given in the Consolidation category and up to 8 millions in Public-Private Modality.

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