• The University of Oviedo debuts its new website, completely renewed and featuring an Intranet for the university community

    March 25, 2013

    The Asturian academic institution has developed the web portal following the footsteps of the best international universities, with a modern and sleek that fully ensures accessibility. The website is now composed of a public zone, which aims at being the display of the University of Oviedo, and a private zone, accessible exclusively by the university community, with information according to their profiles and where they may conduct any on-line procedure

    New website

    The e-mail, Virtual Campus and the rest of the on-line services will be accessed through the private zone, the Intranet, located at the top of the homepage

    The University of Oviedo debuts its new institutional website, completely renewed both in design and in contents. The new portal has a new Intranet, a private zone where the university community will be able to find all the information that may interest them, according to their access profile, and where they will be able to check their corporative e-mail and access the Virtual Campus. This institutional website has been developed following the model of the best international universities, with a modern and sleek design that ensures accessibility. As in the previous version, the contents of the website will be available in Asturian as soon as possible.

    The public zone aims at showcasing of the activity of the University, in the spheres of teaching, research, and social and cultural commitment. To achieve this goal, the University has invested in a more attractive homepage with access and contents organized following the current trend in the design of the websites of the best international universities, in order to make it easier to access any kind of information. Access to the private zone, the Intranet, will be limited with a personal ID and will include all the relevant information for the students, Teaching and Research Staff (PDI) and Administrative Staff (PAS), according to the profile of the user. The goal of the Intranet is to simplify the access to both the information and to the procedures that are currently carried out throughout the UniOvi portal. To access the corporative e-mail or the Virtual Campus, or the procedures of the Electronic Office, it is compulsory to first access the Intranet and validate yourself as a user (with the username and password of the UniOvi e-mail).

    The new institutional website, developed by the Innovation Centre of the University of Oviedo, has reduced the browsing levels to attempt at making the access to information faster and easier. It offers, moreover, a series of new features that will contribute to the improvement of the projection of the university activity outwards, with a homepage that will inform of the most relevant news to society.

    Among the new features of the new website, users may now access the academic calendar through the iCal application, so that it is available on any device in which the user may want to install it. Also, for the first time, all the destinations for mobility may be checked by those students who want to do part of their studies in a foreign university.