• The University of Oviedo puts a telematic service for accommodation offer and request at disposal of the university community

    February 17, 2012

    This new computer application for the coordination of the Student Housing Information Centre (CIVE) will put a portfolio with a total of 1,100 annual consultations at disposal of the university community.

    This Friday, 17th February, the telematic service for university housing of the University of Oviedo will be presented and will be at the service of students. It is a computer application which deals with housing requests and offers from the university community. It is a labour carried out from theCIVE, an independent organ of the vice-rector's office for Students and Employment.

    The developed application will allow students to consult a list of apartments where they can look for a place which meets their requirements. Similarly, for those who own a house and want to hire it, the CIVE will offer them a centralised list of more than 1,100 annual consultations.

    The CIVE will coordinate housing and will bring house seekers and hirers into contact with one another and free.