• The University of Oviedo participates in an international research on the rights of European citizens

    June 18, 2013

    The multidisciplinary team, coordinated by Tenured Professor Silvia Gómez Ansón, will touch upon topics like economic, social and civil rights, gender equality, the interactions in immigration control and citizenship policies, work relations and wellfare states.

    Flags of the EU

    Researchers from the University of Oviedo are part of the European project titled All rights reserved? Barriers towards European CITIZENship (bEUcitizen), coordinated by the University of Utretch, alongside 26 international partners. This research aims at promoting a multidisciplinary approach to the concept of European citizenship and to the problems and barriers faced by the citizens of different countries when they try to exercise their rights and obligations as Europeans.

    2013 is the European Year of Citizenship. The European Commission has funded this project as part of the 7th Framework Program. The funding of the initiative reaches 6.5 million euros, and its activities will be conducted throughout four years.

    A multidisciplinary team of a dozen researchers of the University of Oviedo (mostly coming from the Social Sciences, but also helped by some coming from the Humanities) will participate in the different work packages in which the project is divided to approach diverse areas of analysis. "We have created a multidisciplinary team that will participate in different activities of the project related to, for example, economic, social and civil rights, gender or the rights of the immigrants", explains the Tenured Professor of Financial Economics and Accounting, Silvia Gómez Ansón, the coordinator of the Asturian team.

    The variety of approaches is the cornerstone of the work in which other Professors, apart from Ansón, will participate, including those from Law, Economics, Sociology and History. bEUcitizen is the only European project of the 7th Framework Program, in which the University of Oviedo participates in the field of Legal and Social Sciences. The participation of the academic institution in the Network of the 6th RECWOWE Framework Program has opened the door for it to be a part of the international consortium that promotes this event.

    The project has the participation of two other Spanish centers: the University Pompeu Fabra and the Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals. A total of 26 universities and research centers from 18 countries from inside and outside of the European Union participate in this project, among them institutions such as the University of Oxford, the London School of Economics, the University of Zurich, the University of Copenhagen or the Goethe University Frankfurt.

    The aim of this research is to understand the obstacles faced by European citizens when they exercise their rights and obligations, the possible contradictions between economic, social, political and civil rights and their conceptualization in a European and national level.

    Research team of the University of Oviedo in bEUcitizen:

    Silvia Gómez Ansón (coordinator, Tenured Professor of Financial Economics and Accounting), Paz Andrés Sáenz Santamaría (Tenured Professor of International Public Law and International Relations), Javier González Vega (Tenured Professor of International Public Law and International Relations), Leopoldo Tolivar Alas (Tenured Professor of Administrative Law), Ana Rosa Argüelles (Professor of Labor and Social Security Law), Margarita Argüelles (Profesora Titular de Economía Aplicada), Carmen Benavides (Professor of Applied Economics), Miriam Cueto (Professor of Administrative Law), Luis Antonio Fernández Villazón (Professor of Labor and Social Security Law), Hans van den Broeck (Hired Professor of Sociology), Fernando Manzano Ledesma (Hired Doctor Professor of Modern History) y Sergio González Begega (Aid Doctor Professor of Sociology). An intern will also be hired to participate in the project.