• The University of Oviedo improves its international position in scientific production

    January 31, 2014

    The Asturian academic institution has managed to go up the ladder in some of the rankings of reference and improves the results of the main markers that assess studies

    The University of Oviedo improves its international position in scientific production

    The research conducted at the University of Oviedo has grown during the past few years. The increase in the scientific production and the greater international repercussion of the work of the Asturian researchers has led the academic institution to improve its position in the most prestigious rankings.

    The 2013 edition of the Shanghai Ranking Expanded, composed by the University of Granada replicating the calculations by the Academic Ranking World Universities (ARWU), puts the University of Oviedo in the 14th position among the public and private Spanish universities. The continuous improvement that the main markers accounted for by the study have experienced throughout these past few years has allowed the Asturian academic institution to go up one position in the ladded each year between 2011 and 2013.

    The document, composed by experts who applied the same calculations used to create the "Top Shanghai" of the 500 best universities of the world, demonstrates a positive progression in the number of publications in Science and Nature during the past years, and it also shows an increase in the number of articles indexed by the Science Citation-Index Expanded and the Social Science Citation Index.

    The Asturian academic institution positions itself above other university centers of reference in Spain, such as the Polytechnical University of Madrid, the University of Salamanca, the Carlos III University or the University of Cantabria, to name a few.

    The expanded version of the ranking of Shanghai, composed by professor Domingo Docampo, also includes Latin American universities, alongside the Spanish ones, with the University of Oviedo occupying the 29th position overall.

    The National Taiwan University Ranking (NTU) also confirms the positive progression of the research and teaching activities of the Asturian University, reaching in 2013 the 7th position among the Spanish universities and 369th on a global scale. In previous editions, the University of Oviedo was placed 11th in the national level, and 461st in the international ranking (2012).

    In terms of national studies, the ranking ont he production and pruductivity in matters of the research conducted by the Spanish public universities, published each year in the Psicothema journal, locates the Asturian institution in the 14th position in terms of total production. This study analyzes different markers, such as research, a field in which the University of Oviedo is placed at the 11th position out of 48 in this latest edition of the study, to be published shortly.

    The number of publications by university researchers in journals with impact factor has increased a 30% in four years

    The actions of the Campus of International Excellence have positively affected the improvement of the scientific production of the University of Oviedo, with a 33% increment from 2009 to 2012. It is worth mentioning that, on average, 50% of the publications have been on journals of the first quartile (Q1). The scientific production, measured as the number of articles per researcher, has also increased by 30% since 2009. This increment has been also seen in the number of six-year terms per researcher, a number that has increased from 1,50 in 2009 to 1,87 in 2013.

    The number of authors of the University of Oviedo that has at least one article published by a journal with JCR impact factor has been steadily on the rise. In 2012, the latest year with data available, there were 1,363 articles published in journals with JCR IF, 14% more than in the previous year, written by 1,235 different authors from the University of Oviedo.

    Internationalization, promoted by the Campus of International Excellence through its calls for international mobility, is also reflected in the increase of the number of publications that the University of Oviedo makes jointly with researchers from other countries (558 in 2012, while only 364 in 2009), and the number of researchers with whom it collaborates (mainly coming from the USA, the UK, France, Italy and Germany), which has experienced a noticeable rise after the University obtained the Seal of Excellence.

    In relation to the number of citations made by the publications, in 2012 they doubled the average given to Spanish publications. The results of the research in the specialized areas of Ad Futurum (Energy, the Environment and Climate Change, and Biomedicine and Health) show a noticeable change in tendency after the University achieved the Seal of Campus of International Excellence, since the increase in the number of indexed publications jumps from 33% between 2008 and 2010 (before the CIE) to a 73% in 2010 and 2012 (after the CIE). The same effect can be seen if the faction of accumulated annual impact is analyzed, which increases exponentially after 2010.

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