• The University of Oviedo opens its official channel on Twitter and a new media summary

    October 01, 2012

    @uniovi_info will pay attention to the information of general interest for students

    Profile page of the official channel of the University of Oviedo on Twitter: @uniovi_info

    The University of Oviedo has just set in motion two new initiatives which seek improving the institutional communications, both internal and external: an official channel on Twitter and a new media summary, which collects all information on the university institution published on the press, radio, news agencies and television.

    @uniovi_info, the official channel of the University of Oviedo on Twitter, is a space in which the institutional information of general interest for the university community, and specially for students, will be published. Every day Twitter will publish grants, calls, registration periods,announcements, ceremonies, contests, presentations, projects and all kinds of information related to the academic institution and its activity.

    This new channel on Twitter, managed by the Communications Office of the University of Oviedo, joins in the presence of the academic institution in social networks through Facebook and Youtube.

    Also as novelty, the University of Oviedo has set in motion a media summary in which one can check the pieces of information regarding the activity carried out by the academic institution published daily on the press, news agencies, television, radio, regional, national and international digital media. The user can check, digitalised, the pages of the papers which make reference to the University, apart from television and radio recordings. Likewise, it also puts the links to the news published on online newspapers at the user's disposal .