• The University of Oviedo inaugurates a Geological Garden that shows the evolution of the Cantabrian Mountains Range

    May 18, 2015

    This new open-air exhibition shows 43 large pieces, alongside with several collections of fossils and meteorites of the Geology Museum

    Paseo por el Jardín Geológico tras el acto de inauguración.
    The University of Oviedo has a new Geological Garden, which shows the most representative rocks of the Cantabrian Mountain Range in the parterres of the Faculty of Geology of Oviedo. This is an ambitious project which suggests visitors a walk around the central gardens while observing 43 large rocks which reveal how the Cantabrian Mountain Range looked like millions of years ago, and how it has evolved up to the present. 
    The Rector, Vicente Gotor, inaugurated this new open-air space, alongside with the dean of the Faculty, Rosana Menéndez Duarte; the director of the Department of Geology, Carlos López; and the curator of the Geology Museum, Luis Miguel Rodríguez Terente. This inauguration has been held coinciding with the International Museum Day, and it is the first step of a project willing to extend its collection.  
    The team of the faculty and the Department of Geology has been working for the last three years to collect quality pieces which allow for the geological design of our region, both now and in the past. In order to do so, they have had the collaboration of companies, which have donated valuable pieces found in quarries and excavation sites in different parts of the country. 
    Nowadays, the Geology Museum welcomes almost 4.000 visitors a year, who are willing to learn end enjoy thanks to the different collections of minerals, meteorites and meteorite pieces contained in the museum. This new collection of rocks exhibited outdoors complements the collection of pieces contained inside the Museum and also in the Core Repository of Geology and may be visited for free.