• The University of Oviedo awards the First Contest of Mobile Photography

    July 31, 2014

    The jury chooses as winners four photographs with different perspectives on university life, research, nature and the buildings of the institution

    Campus de Gijón desde Marina, by Pelayo Díaz Valle.

    Almost one hundred snapshots have participated in the First Edition of the Contest of Mobile Photography organized by the University of Oviedo to show very different views on the everyday life of the university. The jury has choosen among them the four winning works in each of the categories. Students, teachers and administrative staff of the academic institution have participated offering their own view of the University.

    The photo entitled ¿Cuándo vuelve papá?, by Joaquín Fernández Norniella, was taken at night at the Polytechnic School of Engineering of Gijón and has been awarded with a special prize by the jury and the first prize in the category of University Life. The second and third prizes in this category went to Cyborg suadens, by Cristina Alonso Villa, and Bucle de letras y apuntes, by Selma Corrales Gallejones.

    The category of Research has left amazing photographs taken at the laboratories of the University. Blue Bee, by Marta Alonso Guervós, is the winning photography that shows a close-up of an insect being analyzed with fluorescent light. The second prize went to Ilumíname , taken by Ángel Martínez Nistal, and the third prize to Investigando la unioviseñal, by Alejandro Rey Santiago.

    The jury selected the picture made by Pelayo Díaz Valle Campus de Gijón desde Marina as the winner in the category of Buildings. They also awarded with the second prize the work by María Fernández Ferreiro, Marina Civil entre un mar de hierba and Pilares by Carmen Ruiz García, with the third prize.

    The winning photographs in the category of Nature and Landscapes were, in the first place, Sol Raso by Daniel Toimil Martínez. The second place went to Luis Manuel Villa with Espérame en el cielo, and Adrián Peralte won the third prize with Rumbo al futuro. Finally, the People's Award, chosen by popular election, went to Hasta el infinito y más allá, by Almanzor García Cabo.

    The jury of the contest has been presided by the Vice-Rector for University Extension and Communication, Vicente Domínguez, and its chairs were Leopoldo Sánchez Torre, director of the Area of University Extension; José Ferrero Villares (photographer and teacher at the Higher School of Arts of Asturias); Javier García Rodríguez (Professor of Literary Theory at the University of Oviedo and director of the Leonard Cohen Chair) and Ana Quijada Espina (technician of Historial Heritage and Cultural Resources of the University of Oviedo). The winners of each category were awarded with €250. The second place was given €150, and the third €100.