• The University designs a new app to document landslides in Asturias

    February 11, 2015

    The research work seeks citizen collaboration to collect all the possible information about landslips

    Uno de los argayos documentados en la base de datos.
    The University of Oviedo is working on the last details of the design of a new telephone application that will allow users to find information about landslides throughout Asturias. Researchers of the Department of Geology of the academic institution are elaborating a database of the landslips occurred in the Principality since 1980. 
    The purpose of this research work, led by Professor María José Domínguez, is to analyze the relation between rain and landslides, and try to set what types of precipitation and duration thereof cause this type of phenomenon. Up to now, researchers have registered around 1.700 landslides documented in newspapers and periodicals libraries and found thanks to the collaboration of the Civil Guard, firefighters, Forestry Corporation of the Principality or the City Halls. 
    The new phone application, designed by the Innovation Center of the University of Oviedo and financed by the FECYT, will be available in March and will provide users with all the relevant information about landslides occurring in any part of the region, quickly and easily. The development of this project is available on the website: