• The University of Oviedo collaborates with the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration to promote the use of electronic services among the university community

    April 13, 2012

    Between 16 and 27 April, the University of Oviedo will host short-term measures of stimulation promoted by the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration and organised by the State-owned corporate entities

    This initiative comprises stimulation sessions at the different universities of the country, during the months of March and May, in which a team of motivators which were specially trained, coordinated and supervised for this campaign, will help in encouraging the university community to make use of public electronic services by the use of the electronic identity card and any other electronic certificates.

    It is necessary to highlight that in the last few years different actions to promote the use of the electronic Administration have been taken, which means a significant saving of money and the improvement of productivity as well as the simplification of the different procedures people and enterprises go through day after day.

    In this case, the short-term measures of stimulation will be carried out at universities by a motivator who, in person and in a proactive, accessible and practical way, will show the advantages when using the electronic Administration and the services the university offers to its community. As part of the awareness campaings, it is planned that an intelligent card reader be given to the university community members who take part in the activity, an intitiative subject to availability and until end of stock and with the main goal of making procedures via electronic services easier.

    The stands are placed in the following locations:

    • Week from 16 to 20 April, in the Campus of Viesques (Gijón): hall of Northern teaching block.
    • Week from 23 to 27 April, in the Campus of El Cristo (Oviedo):
      • 23, 24 and 25 in the hall of the Faculty of Economics and Business
      • 26 and 27: Faculty of Chemistry

    We invite all the university community (students, administration and services staff and teaching and researching staff) to visit the stands on the indicated dates so as to know the advantages of going through procedures on the internet such as the application for grants and other aids, enrolment, business start up , job search and much more.

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