• The University of Oviedo celebrates Saint Catherine with the ceremony of the Graduation Awards for more than 70 graduates

    November 24, 2014

    The Rector encourages students to look at the future with optimism and proposes as challenges promoting internationalization, mobility and collaboration with the enterprise

    The Rector and the plenary speaker with the winners of the awards

    The University of Oviedo celebrated the ceremony in honor of its patron saint, Saint Catherine of Alexandria, with the ceremony of the Graduation and Undergraduate Degree Awards, alongside the Cajastur Award for Best Academic Record of the University of Oviedo, in a solemn act celebrated at the Library of the Historical Building. The Rector, Vicente Gotor, presided over the ceremony in which more than seventy students with the best academic records of the past course received their diploma from more than fifty representatives from enterprises and institutions that sponsor the awards.

    During his intervention, the Rector shared with the sponsors of these awards and with the Asturian society the satisfaction of the University of Oviedo for having renewed the Seal of Campus of International Excellence. Vicente Gotor talked to the graduates and encouraged them to look at the future without any fear. The Rector spoke about the challenges that the Asturian academic institution must face, including Degrees fully taught in English and incorporating new Double Degrees and joint Master's Degrees, apart from promoting the use of new technologies that facilitate online teaching and continuing with the international mobility programs.

    The Rector also spoke about the change in the model of the relation between the University and the enterprise, and hoped that this line of collaboration could continue to be strenghtened. Nevertheless, the real challenge, he added, is to manage to "recognize the value of the investment in knowledge".

    In turn, the President of DuPont for Spain and Portugal, Enrique Macián, was in charge of offering the conference entitled "Reflections about a process of integration". During his intervention, he encouraged students to continue with their formation and to have faith that the crisis will be overcome.