• The University of Oviedo celebrates the feast day of St. Tomás de Aquino

    January 28, 2013

    The Assembly Hall hosted this event, where the Extraordinary Final Degree and PhD Awards were awarded

    The University of Oviedo has celebrated the feast day of St. Tomás de Aquino with a solemn ceremony at the Assembly Hall of the Historical Building, with the awarding of Extraordinary Final Degree and PhD Awards. The Rector, Vicente Gotor, and his team, were the last part of the traditional entourage, which surrounded the hall before starting the event.

    The first words of the Rector were for the students awarded. Vicente Gotor encouraged young students to keep working on this long-distance race that is scientific work, and not to be afraid of facing any project, because they have enough training for it.

    On the other hand, Vicente Gotor also appealed in his speech to lower the tension and in defense of university autonomy. "The University is, and it must be in the future, a place for meetings, not for disputes. A place open for everyone, where the most important is the benefit for Asturias." he stated. In addition, the Rector insisted on the relevance of institutional loyalty and the necessary collaboration between University and Business.

    Doctor Rubén Cabanillas was in charge giving the traditional conference on St. Santo Tomás entitled Science on the 21st Century as a model of multidisciplinary approach to problem solving. Cabanillas explained some of the latest advances in his field, genomics, and he emphasized the need to join forces and collaborate.

    "This crisis gives us the opportunity and imposes the obligation of returning to the path of knowledge, innovation, discovery and team work, because there are very few achievements that we may reach on an individual basis", highlighted Dr. Cabanillas.

    A total of eighty students were awarded with the Extraordinary Final Degree and PhD Awards during this event held at the Assembly Hall, also attended by lecturers and family members.