• The University of Oviedo has beaten its students' mobility record

    June 23, 2011

    There's been an increase of 27, 5% in the number of students who will study in a foreign university for the next academic year.

    Presentation of Erasmus mobility details
    The internationalization policy of the University of Oviedo is paying off. The students mobility will be increased up to a 27,5% next academic year. 688 students will study in a foreign university with an Erasmus grant, while about more than 60 Asturian universities will participate in Agreements. The vice-rector for Internationalization and Cooperation for Development, Ana María Fernández, has presented the data about outgoing mobility and she has said that the increase of young people who have decided to complete their studies abroad has been "spectacular".

    Once the deadline to apply has finished and the transcripts have been evaluated, the Erasmus programme counts with almost 150 students more than in the last academic year. The Asturian students' favourite destinations are France, Germany and Italy. Ana María Fernández pointed out that there's a problem with universities belonging to the UK, which are closing Erasmus grants as they preferred to take non-EU students who pay very high academic fees.

    The vice-rector for Internationalization said that with these data the University of Oviedo is about achieving a record number which contributes to satisfy goals established by the Campus of International Excellence. Ana María Fernández indicated that this rise is still more valuable nowadays, in a moment of economic crisis, since studying abroad is an important cost for the families, but it seems to be clear-she added-, that "young people know how important is to have an international experience". In this sense, the subsidies given by the Principality to Erasmus students will be increased from 100.000 to 200.000 Euros, something that, according to the vice-rector's opinion, is very positive if the mobility wants to be boosted. The deadline to apply for these subsidies will end on the 25th of July. There's also been an increase from 50 to 61 to the number of students who will study at non UE centres through agreements.

    In which it is referred to the number of foreign students who come to the University of Oviedo, the vice-rector explained that there's been also an upward trend even if there won't be sure data until September. The expected number of students who will come to Asturias with an Erasmus grant is about 700.

    Bilingual Programme
    Another outstanding issue during the presentation of the mobility has been the inner internationalization actions. The University of Oviedo has reinforced, through the Campus of International Excellence, its support to bilingualism. From the next academic year, students will be able to choose ten degrees with bilingual paths. The vice- rector detailed the two modalities which exist:

    • Studies completely done at the University of Oviedo. The student must study a minimum number of 120 ECTS credits in subjects that will be taught in English at the University of Oviedo during the four years of their Degrees. This can be done in the following degrees: Business Administration and Management, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Industrial Electronics and Automatics Engineering.
    • The second modality is the one which corresponds with a path completed through a stay in a foreign university or institution which have signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Oviedo. Students, in this case, will complete the necessary credits until they get the 120 ECTS credits which are essential in the stays abroad. This is the case of the degrees in Economics, Accounting and Finances, Commerce and Marketing, Tourism, Industrial Chemical Engineering and Computer Engineering- Software.
    In this bilingualism plan, a programme to develop linguistic abilities in teachers is also framed. There's been an offer of six courses, in Oviedo and Gijón –from autumn there will be more-, and with the zero course for students of bilingual degrees in four centres at the beginning of September.

    As complement for these initiatives, the University of Oviedo has organized three summer language marathons. After the success of the French marathon held in May, the Campus of International Excellence has programmed two English Marathons (Gijón and Oviedo) and one Italian marathon (Oviedo) in July. The pre-registration period will end on the 30th of June. The vice-rector for Internationalization stressed this initiative as a fantastic way of linguistic immersion in which cultural and recreational activities are combined.

    Bridge with China

    The vice-rector for Internationalization informed about a new bridge between China and Asturias, a programme which have received about 70.000 Euros of funding in the last call of the Campus of International Excellence. Ana María Fernández indicated that this project will be developed in five public universities of the Chinese region of Shandong, with which they will sign agreements to send Spanish language teachers from the University of Oviedo and there will be a rise so that Asturian students can be taught Chinese language and culture courses during this summer.