• The University of Oviedo helps High School and Baccalaureate students choose their higher education studies

    February 16, 2016

    The Days "Orienta tu Decisión" gather more than 4.000 students who will have first-hand access to the necessary information to solve their doubts as for their university studies.

    Days 'Orienta tu decisión' in the Exhibition and Congress Palace City of Oviedo

    Two days of meetings and exchanges of information to help them choose their university studies, which will determine their professional careers. The Days Orienta tu Decisión were inaugurated on Tuesday in the Exhibitions and Congresses Palace City of Oviedo, attended by the Vice-Chancellor for Students, Luis Rodríguez Muñiz; the councilor for Education and Culture, Genaro Alonso; the general director for universities, Cristina Valdés, and the Mayor of Oviedo, Wenceslao López. They all addressed the young students in the auditorium of the Palace and advised them to make a thoughtful decision as in many cases it may determine their future lives.

    These Days, held by the University of Oviedo, will bring together more than 4.000 high school and baccalaureate students who will be able to access first-hand information to solve their doubts before going to university. The academic institution has displayed 22 stands, divided into degrees and seven roundtables where the students may ask professors and university students about the studies they are planning to undertake. Moreover, this year the Days have a new format with a new space for families, where they may also ask for information.

    The Vice-Chancellor for Students, Luis Rodríguez Muñiz, asked the governors to urgently establish the new evaluation framework to enter university.

    The Vice-Chancellor for Students, Luis Rodríguez Muñiz, has encouraged students to join the roundtables and visit the stands. By noon, there were already lots of people trying to solve questions in the different stands located in the hall of the City of Oviedo Palace. In his opening speech the Vice-Chancellor has complained about the existing uncertainty about the evaluation system to access university, which will be applicable to students undertaking now the first year of Baccalaureate. Luis Rodríguez Muñiz has asked the governors to define this new evaluation system as soon as possible. "Deadline is over, and we should know by now what the evaluation system will be like for 2017", he stated. The Vice-Chancellor has urged the Government to face this problem and define the terms of the framework to access university studies.

    The regional Minister for Education and Culture, Genaro Alonso, has reminded students that making a decision is not easy; they have to think over, choose between several options, take into account the pros and cons and sometimes assume risks that will condition their lives. The Minister for Education of the Government of the Principality has asked them to think twice, search for information and look for good advice. He has explained that his department has started to work in a guidance program to facilitate communication between ESO, Baccalaureate, training degrees and Vocational Training and the University. He has shown his commitment to strengthen communication and joint collaboration between the principals of education centers and the higher education institution through the creation of collaboration spaces.

    The Mayor of Oviedo, Wenceslao López, has also asked the students to trust their vocation. "It is important to feel good about what you do; you should enjoy it, not struggle with it", he told them. The Mayor has described these days as the "perfect opportunity" to have a first approach to university and gather as much information as possible.

    Wenceslao López, who was a lecturer at university for more than 40 years, has emphasized the new collaboration framework between the city hall and the university, which as he says, will redound to the benefit of Oviedo, and Asturias as a whole as well.

    Patricia García Redondo, professor of Dentistry and Infant Education, and awarded with the prize to the best academic performance at the University of Oviedo 2014-2015, was in charge of giving the opening speech of these Days. This young professional has brought students closer to her personal experience and she also emphasized that it is not a big deal to make the wrong decision. She admitted to have taken the wrong decision when she chose Dentistry, but she then she made it up undertaking Infant Education studies. "Don´t be afraid of making the wrong decision; everything may be rectified".