• The University of Oviedo has opened its Summer Scientific Campuses

    July 04, 2011

    30 students of 4th Secondary course have started today the first turn of this programme in which 1.200 young students take part in 20 Campuses of International Excellence.

    The rector and Director of Universities during the presentation of the Campuses
    The University of Oviedo has begun a new edition of its Summer Scientific campuses, in which, up to the 30th of July, 60 students of 4th Secondary course and 1st course of High School from different autonomous communities divided into two turns. The purpose of this project, linked to the Campuses of International Excellences, is to boost the interest of young people in science, technology and innovation. The rector of the University of Oviedo, Vicente Gotor, supported by the General Director of Universities of the Principality of Asturias, Miriam Cueto, welcomed the students of the first turn, 30 students of Secondary School who come from nine autonomous communities who will perform its activities until the 15th of July. The second turn, aimed to students of first year of High School, will be held from the 17th to the 30th of July.

    Both agreed when stressing the importance of this initiative which, according to Gotor, "offers the opportunity of approaching to research before arriving to University" and which maybe "will help them to choose their university studies". Miriam Cueto pointed out that the scientific vocations are "main keys for society" and the encouraged young students to join the scientific area. Following this line, the important labour of female researchers as Rosa Menéndez, researcher from the National Institute of Coal, who was in charge of the inaugural lecture of the Summer Scientific Campuses entitled "Marie Curie: the heritage of an excellent Scientist" was also emphasized.

    ‘‘Ad Futurum", a campus with a high demand

    The Summer Scientific Campuses are an initiative of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) and the Ministry of Education, supported by "la Caixa" Social Work. In this second edition, the programme received more than 7.200 applications just for 1.200 posts in the 20 Campuses of International Excellence located in the Spanish Universities. The Ad Futurum project, from the University of Oviedo's Campus of International Excellence, has been one of the most required campuses. 3.177 students competed for one of the 60 places in Asturias. Each student could choose maximum number of five Campues of Excellence, which means that more than 44% of young students chose among their options the Asturian Campus, according to the details provided by the FECYT. The rector showed its gratitude to the students and he appreciated this fact which "encourages to keep on working in order to offer educational training in the future" he added.

    The young participants in this initiative have passed a rigorous process of selection. Apart from valuing their academic transcript, the students had to pass an on-line exam about scientific and technological subjects. From the 1.200 selected students, 250 have an average mark of 10 in their transcripts.

    Four projects to approach science

    Young people will enjoy 14 days of contact with scientific research through its active participation in projects specially designed by university professors and Secondary education teachers. Ad Futurum Campus counts with the collaboration of six secondary school teachers. Each student will participate in two of the four projects planned by the University of Oviedo:

    • El hombre y la tierra: Escuela de Geología (The man and the land: School of Geology)
    • Bases científicas de las investigaciones criminalísticas (Scientific Basis of Criminal Investigations)
    • La ingeniería electrónica en la vida cotidiana (Electronic Engineering in everyday life)
    • El lenguaje de las células (The language of cells)
    Each Project is formed by four phases of development which consists on lectures and theoretical lessons, fieldwork or lab work, communication and spreading techniques of science, final presentation and exhibition of results, and cultural and social complementary activities.

    Asturian students in other campuses

    A total number of 27 Asturian students passed the selection process: 14 from Secondary and 13 from High School, which will be distributed in 15 Campuses of International Excellence:

    • 4th course of Secondary School: 1 Ad Futurum (Asturias); 1 Agroalimentario (Almería); 1 Barcelona Knowledge (Barcelona); 2 Carlos III (Madrid); 2 Catalunya Sud (Rovira i Virgili - Tarragona); 1 Montegancedo (Madrid); 1 Energía UPC (Politechnic University of Catalunya); 1 UAM (Autonomous University of Madrid); 2 Cantabria International Campus; and 2 Euskampus (País Vasco)
    • 2nd course of High School: 2 Ad Futurum (Asturias); 1 Atlántico Tricontinental (La Laguna-Canarias); 2 Catalunya Sud (Tarragona); 1 do Mar (Vigo); 1 Energía UPC (Politechnic University of Catalunya); 1 Mare Nostrum (Murcia); 1 Vida (Santiago de Compostela); 2 VLC (Valencia); and 2 Cantabria International Campus.