• The University of Oviedo launches a digital platform for the consultation and downloading of its scientific journals.

    February 07, 2012

    REUNIDO is an electronic portal which makes all the issues of Archivum, which have been scattered and hardly accessible so far, available to the public. It includes Ería, Liño, Cuadernos de Geología (Geology Notebooks), Economics and Business Letters and more than 2,000 Psicothema journal articles. (Geology Notebooks), Economics and Business Letters and more than 2,000 Psicothema journal articles.


    The University of Oviedo has developed an ambitious program of digitalization and electronic management of the Asturian institution's specialized journals. The REUNIDO platform makes the electronic version of the main scientific publications available online for the public to consult and download them for free.

    REUNIDO offers a complete collection of Archivum, a journal created in 1951 and until now scattered and hardly accessible. It includes the following publications: Cuadernos de Geología, Liño, Ería and, soon, the new Economics and Business Letters. Psicothema, a psychology journal with an international scope and linked to the University of Oviedo since its beginning, has been recently incorporated. This electronic platform makes it possible for the public to consult more than 2,100 first-line psychological research journals which have been published by Psicothema since 1989.

    REUNIDO aims to facilitate an open, immediate and free access to specialized research carried out in the University of Oviedo. This project has been developed by the Vice-Rector's Office for University Extension, Culture and Sports through the Publishing Service

    This electronic edition not only cuts printing expenses, but it also makes a greater circulation of scientific journals easier. In most of the issues, the articles can be consulted in PDF format, where it is possible to do a word or phrase search.

    The platform chosen for the electronic management of the active journals of the University of Oviedo is Open Journal System (OJS), which has an open source and free distribution. OJS has been developed by the Public Knowledge Project, a Canadian organism made up of the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University and Stanford University, which seeks to make the development of open access publications easier. OJS offers an integral solution which allows an effective and unified grasp through the editorial process, from the sending of articles by their authors and their evaluation, to their final publication, indexing and reading. Its objective is to increase the quality of the publications making the journal's policy more transparent and improving the indexing.

    OJS has been translated into several languages and more than 7,000 journals around the world make use of this software. In Spain, for example, it is used by (, the Catalonian open access journals database (RACO or the portal of Open Access Journals of the University of Murcia (

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