• The University is coordinating a Leonardo da Vinci European project to train in new competences

    November 24, 2011

    This programme aims to offer new pedagogical tools so that professors can teach all the knowledge required by companies.

    Picture from the Presentation of the Project

    The University of Oviedo is coordinating the Leornado da Vinci European programme of innovation transfer called New Teachers for New Competences, whose main purpose is to provide teachers with pedagogical tools which allow them to train their students in all the formal and informal skills demanded by students.

    The presentation of this programme, chaired by the vice-rector for Internationalization and Cooperation for Development, was done in the context of the initial meeting of the programme partners. Six European institutions (Greece, Italy, Austria, Denmark and Spain) and the Asturian Metal Foundation also take part in this action as well as the University of Oviedo.

    Framed within the "Leonardo Da Vinci" Sub-programme belonging to the Lifelong Learning Programmed, NTNC is a project of "Innovation Transfer" which depends on the OAPEE- Autonomous Body of European Educational Programmes (National Agency, Madrid). As such, NTNC has its origin on the TOOLS TRAINING project (2004) supposing not only its transfer to new European environments but, at the same time, a development, improvement and updating of its products. The project has among its objectives:

    • Identifying good manners in "techniques and methodologies for hybridization and exchange" among companies and the Professional Training systems of each participating country.
    • Identification and analysis of the business productive contexts as well as the main values required by companies on their workers.
    • Identification and analysis of the most important transversal skills according to the productive contexts and business values and designing its standards in terms of "learning results" (knowledge, skills and competences)
    • Design of the formative path and development of the didactical materials to measure teachers within mobility and assess the transversal competences among students. This activity will mean the transfer and adaptation of the materials performed in TOOLS TRAINING project.
    • Test of didactical resources through its implementation in digital format.

    NTNC will be performed by a partnership composed by 7 bodies with particular interest in the continuous improvement of Professional Training:

    • University of Oviedo- Spain: promoting entity.
    • Asturias Metal Foundation- Spain: coordinating partner.
    • Euskadi- Spain Training Fundation: promoting partner of the TOOLS TRAINING project, initiator and origin of NTNC project.
    • BEST- Austria: centre with 24 years of experience in the field of professional training and labour guidance.
    • LINK CONSULTING- Italy: Business and public institutions consulting firm.
    • IDEC- Greece: consulting and training company in the areas of ISO-9001, software and multimedia, e-learning, e-business, e-commerce, telecommunications and networks.
    • AOF-Denmark: training centre dedicated to individual coaching as well developer of collective courses.

    NTNC has a total budget of 381,043€ from which 259,245.12€ are funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme. This project has a total duration of 2 years, from the 1st October, 2011 to the 30th September, 2013.