• The University announces the scholarships financed by the Town Council of Corvera for its students

    November 04, 2014

    The total amount of the scholarships is of €12,500 and students interested in them have 15 days to present their applications

    The mayor of Corvera, Iván Fernández, and the Vice-Rector for Students, Luís Rodríguez, during the press conference at the town council of Corvera.

    Iván Fernández, Mayor of Corvera, and Luís J. Rodríguez Muñiz, Vice-Rector of the University of Oviedo, announced today at a press conference the opening of the period to apply for the university scholarships for the 2014-2015 academic year, to which the Town Council assigns €12,500, double the amount of last year.

    "We began in 2013 with €6,000 for university scholarships, becoming the first town council in Asturias to do so. This year, we not only did not cut back, but also doubled the budget up to €12,500. Morever, we have to do it on our own, since we did not have the support of any other political group to approve the budget, and without approving the budget these scholarships would have not been possible", explained Iván Fernández.

    Unlike 2013, when the town council assigned lineal scholarships of €300, this time they will be assigned according to the level of income of the families. "This year, the scholarships are progessive, because we both help those who need them and because we have set a maximum amount of individual income of €7,000, above which the student will not receive the scholarship. In other words, a family of four members with an income higher than €28,000 per year will not have the scholarship. We try to provide for those who need it the most, so those who have less income will receive a higher scholarship", pointed out the mayor.

    In turn, the Vice-Rector applauded the initiative of the Town Council of Corvera, and claimed that this scholarship "serves to cover expenses that the Ministry of Education has stopped taking into account, such as the cost of materials or traveling", with the latter being a very important aspect for the students of towns like Corvera. Luís J. Rodríguez explained that after the publication of the scholarships at the BOPA, those who are interested in them will have fifteen days to apply for them and said that "by the end of December, or the beginning of January at most, all the money will have been assigned". Moreover, he also said that the Office of the Vice-Rector has already sent notifications to the 250 university students of Corvera who are enrolled at the University of Oviedo.

    It is estimated that these scholarships will benefit between 30 and 40 families from Corvera. Last year, there were 34 families who benefitted from them, excluding those that went above the threshold of €28,000 per year. The criteria to opt for these scholarships include having been a resident of Covera within the past 12 months, having an average grade of 5, and being enrolled of at least 30 credits at the University of Oviedo.