• The University awards the "Visiona" Photography Prizes

    January 15, 2013

    The contest, arranged in the framework of the XII Week of Science and Technology, focused on "2012, Year of Sustainable Energy"

    Photography Contest Visiona

    David Riera and José Miguel Bernardo are the winners of the Photography Contest "Visiona", in categories for 18 year olds and up, with the photographs "Horizonte de molinos" and "No Oil". The subject matter of this edition has been "2012, Year of Sustainable Energy". The winning photographs deal with environmental respect, represented by renewable energies (In particular, the windmills of a wind farm) and bicycles as a means of transport.

    Wind power is also the subject of the photographies that were in the second place, taken by Laura Valdés (in the category of 18 years old and up) and David Abassi. In addition to the diploma, the winners of both categories, were also given tablet, and those in the second place received an iPod. There were a total of 131 photographies taking part in the contest. "Visiona" is an initiative of the Campus of International Excellence and the OTRI, which welcomes Asturians to participate.