• The University of Oviedo will hold a homage- concert to Cohen with the Asturian artists that revolutionised the 90's music scene

    October 11, 2011

    "First we take Milán" is a tribute to the musical groups which emerge in the Campus of el Milán, which will meet next 20th of October at 21:30h in the Auditorium.

    Vicente Domínguez and Mar Álvarez

    The University of Oviedo will open its Auditorium, the most solemn place of the Historical Building, to the artist who starred the musical explosion of the 90's decade in the Campus of el Milán to celebrate a concert around Leonard Cohen's figure, Awarded with the Príncipe de Asturias Prize of Letters, and his influence in this generation of musicians. After almost twenty years, the leaders of some of the most important groups which in that moment revolutionised the Asturian musical scene, most of them belonging to what it was known as "Xixón Sound", will make a joint performance on the next 20th of October at 21:30h.

    First we take Milán is the title of this concert which aims to be a double tribute. On the one hand, from the university to some young students which in the nineties began their musical career with the Campus of el Milán as their reference point; and on the other hand, from this same artist to Leonard Cohen, whose songs will be versioned by them.

    This concert will also be the guiding thread of a documentary which the Programmes' Production Company of the Principality of Asturias will carry out. It will be broadcasted by the TPA as well as being recorded for the publishing of a disc.

    Hosted by Mar Álvarez (Pauline en la Playa), the concert will count with Nacho Vegas, Xabel Vegas, Montse Álvarez, Roberto Nicieza, José Luis García, Fany Álvarez, Fernando Marín, Igor Paskual, Alicia Álvarez, Chus Neira and David Guardado. They will be accompanied by a band specifically chosen for this occasion: David Casillas (contrabass), Eva Díaz (drums), Jacobo de Miguel (keyboards), David Varela (accordion) and Ana Fernández (violin). They all have been part of the 90's musical scene in Asturias, in different groups such as Manta Ray, Nosoträsh, Australian Blonde, Undershakers, Stormy Mondays o Babylon Chat.

    This event is an initiative of University Extension whose main interest is not just to emphasize the artistic movement what was born in the Campus of el Milan but the cultural industry to which these young people contribute, as many of them have been linked with projects connected to musical scene.

    The tickets for this concert are free and limited up to reach 120 people, who can get an invitation at the University Shop, located in the Historical Building starting the 13th of October.

    At the concert's presentation, Mar Álvarez, who have been in charge of meeting the artists and organizing the band, remembered the period as university studies at El Milán, when the Xixón Sound movement reaches beyond regional borders and the groups practised and played at the Campus, in emblematic cultural lectures that guided, in some way, that musical explosion of the 90s in Asturias. A season, pointed out Pauline en la playa's singer, in which "the only way to know new things was to meet". Now, Leonard Cohen's figure is an excuse to meet again, almost twenty years later. And according to the vice-rector for University Extension, Vicente Domínguez, "a reason to thank all these university students all they have done for the music".