• The University approves the offer of places in Undergraduate Degrees for next year

    May 07, 2013

    The Faculty of Economics and Business is the latest center to establish a limit on the places it offers. The Governing Council approves the annual budget for the 2012 fiscal year

    Students at the Campus of Gijón

    The Governing Council of the University of Oviedo approved the offer of places in Undergraduate Degrees for the next academic year. For the first time, the four Degrees offered by the Faculty of Economics and Business now have limited places, and a new Double Degree in Business Management and Law, with 120 available places, will be created.

    The aim of having limited places in this center is to avoid the overpopulation of first-year students in certain Degrees. The remaining Degrees will maintain the current offer of places, including the 150 places for the Degree in Medicine, even though the University of Oviedo had demanded that the number was reduced to 125. The registration period for new students in Degrees with unlimited places will be open from June 17 to August 2, while students who want to access a Degree with limited places will have to register between June 17 and July 3. Students who are currently enrolled in a Degree will have until August 23 to enrol in the following course.

    The Governing Council also approved the budget for the 2012 fiscal year and the regulations for the End of Degree awards, among other matters. Rector Vicente Gotor explained, in his intervention with the members of the university body, the economic hardships that the academic institution is now facing and the cutbacks that are now being applied to research.