• The University approves a call for 164 places for assistant professors

    May 11, 2015

    The Governing Council of the University of Oviedo has passed the annual accounts corresponding to 2014, with a positive carry-forward of 1,04 million euros

    Santiago Álvarez y Vicente Gotor durante su comparecencia ante los medios tras la reunión del Consejo de Gobierno.

    The Governing Council of the University of Oviedo has approved the call for 164 places of assistant professors due to teaching needs and also to guarantee generational replacement in areas that have especially old faculty. This university body has also approved the annual accounts of 2014, which have a positive carry-forward of 1.044.000 euros and shall be subsequently approved by the Social Council.

    The Rector, Vicente Gotor, and the Vice-Chancellor for Economic Planning, Agreements and Contracts informed about the agreements which, in both cases, were established unanimously. This is the first call for places since 2012. The Rector was confident that, once published in the BOPA, everything will be ready in June for the professors to start classes in September.

    As for the financial statements of 2014, both the rector and the vice-chancellor explained that the existing remainder is the result of the agreement reached with the Regional Government in February, by which 1,2 million euros were charged against last year´s accounts in order to ensure budgetary balance. Thanks to this agreement, they stated, it is possible to offer a call for permanent teaching places linked to the replacement rate, since budgetary balance is essential. As already announced in the signature of the agreement, there will be a call for 15 places for assistant and full professors shortly. This call shall be approved by the Governing Council, predictably in June. "We will follow stabilization criteria, rather than promotion criteria", pointed out the rector.

    The Governing Council of the University also approved the Regulation of Residence Halls and University dorms and the separation of the School of Social Work of Gijón, among other issues.